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SurveySavvy Surveys Review 2021: Is It Legit?

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This program promises to offer customers a wide variety of surveys, polls and quizzes that they can complete for cash prizes. Not all survey companies are created equally though, so we decided to take a closer look at the SurveySavvy Surveys Review 2021: Is It Legit?

Is SurveySavvy legit? The company has been in business since 2011 and is well-known for its surveys. It’s a great way to make extra cash, but it’s not the only option out there.

Paid internet surveys frequently seem to be too good to be true, since they are free to use and need no prior experience.

You may be paid to play games or view movies online in addition to doing surveys.

However, being paid on survey sites is not always easy since many survey companies have a negative reputation for sluggish payments and a point system that is incredibly low.

But how can you tell whether a survey site is trustworthy and worth your time?

I’ll address your questions about how to earn money on SurveySavvy, the platform’s benefits and downsides, if it’s a legitimate survey platform, and much more in my SurveySavvy review.

What is the purpose of SurveySavvy?

Luth Research LLC owns SurveySavvy, a famous online survey panel that has been organizing market research data since 1977.

SurveySavvy was founded in 1999 to provide consumers with cash in return for completing surveys. Since then, it has grown to include millions of people all across the world.

You and other users provide user data that SurveySavvy delivers to marketers all over the globe for insight into their target market by expressing your thoughts on certain subjects or brands.

As a result, these companies utilize your feedback to immediately improve their goods and services.

What is SavvyConnect, and how does it work?

The SurveySavvy app, SavvyConnect, enables users to engage in market research while surfing the internet.

The program collects this information from the websites and mobile applications you visit and provides it to the app’s creators, who use it for research reasons.

By the end of the month, each user will have received $5 simply for having the app installed on their internet devices.

If you have an iPad, an iPhone, and a laptop, and you download the app on each of them, you will get paid $15 a month for essentially doing nothing except surfing the internet.

What is the Process of SurveySavvy?

Anyone in the globe may use SurveySavvy since it is free to use. The minimum age to utilize the platform is 14, and there is no restriction to how many individuals in your home may use it.

You must complete the SurveySavvy sign-up procedure on the website to become a member.

On the website, go to sign-up and fill out the form that appears. Submit your email address, complete name, country of residence, sexual orientation, and home address.

The data you provide is used to determine your demographic profile, ensuring that you are invited to surveys that you will naturally comprehend.

The next step is to complete the welcome survey once you’ve verified your registration.

It is critical that you answer this survey honestly so that SurveySavvy can better understand you.

After that, go to your survey dashboard to see what surveys are available. If no survey is available after you’ve completed all of the above steps, you’ll be alerted by email when one becomes available.

If you’re asked to participate in a survey, be sure you answer the questions truthfully. Your account may be suspended if you respond incorrectly.

Your reward is applied to your account once you complete the survey successfully, and you can cash it out whenever it’s convenient for you.

It’s worth noting that SurveySavvy links its users with surveys offered by partner organizations that are tailored to their specific locales. As a result, there’s no assurance that you’ll be chosen for a survey every time.

Making Money With SurveySavvy

In SurveySavvy, the most common way to earn money is through completing surveys.

One survey’s topic may differ from the next, so you never know what to anticipate.

Some surveys ask for your comments on specific goods on the market, while others ask for your thoughts on typical household and workplace routines.

Regardless on the poll’s subject or length, SurveySavvy pays between $1 and $3 every survey completed.

Let’s say you live in an area where SurveySavvy has a small number of partners and you do 6 surveys each month; you’ll make roughly $6 – $18 per month, which isn’t much.

Aside from that, if you fail the pre-qualification questions, you may be filtered out of a survey.

Another option to earn money on SurveySavvy is to enter the monthly draw, which serves as a sort of compensation for participants who are rejected from surveys.

You will be given an entry into the cash draw if you are disqualified, and 50 members will get $10 apiece. It’s possible that you’ll be the fortunate winner.

Despite the fact that you may cash out as low as $1 on SurveySavvy, it’s advisable to save up your earnings and request payment at the end of the month.

What does SurveySavvy provide in terms of compensation?

For completing a survey, SurveySavvy pays between $1 and $3, which you can cash out right away. As a result, determining how much SurveySavvy pays is tricky.

Given that you may not get a large number of surveys and may be excluded from a current one, this amount may not be worthwhile.

Request a check from your account menu to withdraw your profits.

Note that regardless matter where you live, you will be paid in US dollars.

SurveySavvy’s Advantages

presence on a global scale

On SurveySavvy, anybody from anywhere in the globe is invited to earn money. Since 1999, the platform has had paying subscribers from over 195 countries.

The payment threshold is low.

SurveySavvy has one of the lowest minimum thresholds among paid survey sites, at $1. Your SurveySavvy payment is processed and sent to your location after you have reached the minimum account balance.

SurveySavvy’s drawbacks

There will be no digital payments.

SurveySavvy only accepts cash checks and does not accept PayPal, gift cards, coupons, or vouchers.

Payouts are quite sluggish.

Because there is no digital way to claim your readers, it takes 4-12 weeks for SurveySavvy to complete your withdrawal.

Additional fees and taxes

Members in certain countries must pay additional tax and exchange rate costs when processing their profits.

Issues of privacy and ethics

SavvyConnect aggressively gathers your information and surfing statistics, which some users may find invasive. It is also believed that if you do not have it installed, you will not get many surveys.

Surveys with low payouts

SavvySurvey’s payout scheme isn’t the finest among paid survey sites, with surveys ranging from $1 to $3.

Earning potential is limited.

In SavvySurvey, the only ways to make money are via doing paid surveys, collecting referral incentives, and installing SavvyConnect.

Is SurveySavvy a reputable company?

SavvySurvey is a reputable online survey platform.

Luth LLC, its parent business, is a well-known market research panel that has been in operation for many decades.

Referral Program for SurveySavvy

Another method to get money on SurveySavvy is via referrals. You will get compensated in two ways if you invite your relatives and friends to participate in surveys.

To begin, after your referral’s account is recognized, you will get a part of their profits.

Second, a portion of survey profits from your referral’s referrals will be given to you.

To suggest a friend, go to your website profile page, copy your unique referral link, and send it to your buddy through social media.

You will be reimbursed between 4-12 weeks after your referral has joined up and completed a survey.

SurveySavvy and other similar apps


Comscore’s market research initiatives include the usage of MobileXpression, a mobile program. The program starts collecting your network activity once it is installed on your device.

Comscore combines this user behavior with other information to assist companies in improving their product offerings.

For using the app on your phone, MobileXpression will give you a $10 sign-up bonus and weekly credit.

In your first year, if you keep the app running for a year, you should make about $73.

Join MobileXpression (Android) or MobileXpression (iOS) (iOS device).

Computer and Mobile Nielsen

Nielsen Computer and Mobile is a long-standing market research firm founded in 1923.

To get started, go to the website and register your mobile device or PC, then download the app. After that, you’ll start collecting points for using your phone on a daily basis.

You may earn roughly $50 by using the app for a year and redeeming it for gift cards from big merchants like Amazon and Walmart.

Become a part of Nielsen Computer & Mobile.

Other high-paying surveys in the United States and Canada include:

Is SurveySavvy a Good Investment?

To earn $50 on SurveySavvy, you’ll need to finish roughly 15 – 20 surveys at $1 – $3 each, which takes a lot of effort and dedication.

SurveySavvy may be worth your time if you are devoted to doing surveys on the site and can deal with the poor reward.

Otherwise, look into other survey sites that pay quickly.


SurveySavvy is a recognized market research firm’s credible survey panel. The platform has been in operation for over two decades and provides cash checks to its users all across the globe.

The platform has a minimal minimum payout requirement. Aside from that, anybody from anywhere in the globe may become a member of the site.

Furthermore, its users have the possibility to earn extra money via the SavvyConnect app and its referral program.

The biggest downsides of generating money on SurveySavvy are the sluggish payout procedure, lack of digital payment methods, and poor survey compensation.

FAQs from SurveySavvy

Is SurveySavvy a reputable company?

Yes, SurveySavvy is a reputable paid survey platform. It is owned by a well-known market research firm with over 20 years of experience.

Is SurveySavvy going to pay me through PayPal?

No, SurveySavvy exclusively rewards its members through cash checks, which may be requested in the account menu after the minimum amount is reached.

Is SavvyConnect a secure service?

Yes, SavvyConnect is completely secure.

Is there a SurveySavvy app?

SurveySavvy’s mobile app is called SavvyConnect. After you download the app, you may begin earning points just by using your phone regularly.


SurveySavvy is a company that specializes in conducting surveys.


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  • Presence on the World Stage
  • Payment Requirement Isn’t As High As It Seems

SurveysSavvy is a survey website that promises to pay you for your time. They offer surveys on many different topics and claim that they will pay you with gift cards. However, it’s not clear how this payment is made. Reference: how does surveysavvy pay you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SurveySavvy pay per survey?

A: SurveySavvy pays anywhere from $2.50 to $60 for each survey that is completed, depending on the length and complexity of a given project.

Does SurveySavvy pay through PayPal?

A: No, SurveySavvy does not pay through PayPal. They do offer a sign up bonus however.

Is survey say com legit?

A: Yes, the website is 100% legitimate.

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