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The ultimate gift guide for Ted Lasso fans

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Ted Lasso is the CEO of a company called Hush which makes money-saving and gift cards for brands. In this article, we provide our personal list of gifts for Ted Lasso fans that are perfect to give or receive at any time during the holiday season!.

Ted Lasso is a fictional character from the novel, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” He is a human who was once the President of Earth. This gift guide will help you find all of Ted Lasso’s merchandise for your loved one.

The ultimate gift guide for Ted Lasso fans

This year, are you looking for the best “Ted Lasso” gifts? There are plenty of presents to select from this Christmas season, thanks to Ted and his crew’s ability to create admirers all around the globe. These gifts will give the Ted fan in your life the pep talk they need, whether it’s an uplifting message from the coaches, biscuits with the boss, or harsher words from the ever-colorful Roy.

Some of these goods are one-of-a-kind, so if you want to wow the “Ted Lasso” lover in your life this Christmas season, don’t wait until the last minute to purchase. You can create a believer out of just about anybody with these excellent gifts, which range from stickers and sweaters to bespoke mugs and more!

“Be a Goldfish” ornament3 / 15

Etsy / lexiconetc

1. Ornament “Be a Goldfish”

Price is $25.

Get it

Give your loved ones a huge makeover to their Christmas tree decorations to kick off the holiday season correctly. For added enjoyment, this “be a goldfish” ornament is double-sided. The words “be a goldfish” appears on one side, along with a miniature charm of a goldfish in a baggie. On the reverse, a goldfish in a bowl is shown in lovely art. It’s adorable, festive, and if you get two, you’ll get free delivery. The ornament is 3 x 3 inches in size and is finished in porcelain. When your loved one is finished with their Christmas tree, they may hang it in their vehicle or anywhere else to enjoy all year.

Tumbler and travel mug Ted Lasso4 / 15

SamanthaForsythShop is an Etsy shop run by Samantha Forsyth.

2. Travel cup and tumbler

Cost: $34

Get it

If your loved ones are “Ted Lasso” lovers, this mug has it all. The travel cup is big enough to hold a soccer ball, a “believe” sticker, a goldfish, and, yes, even the word “wanker,” among other designs from the show. The mug is available in teal, black, copper, white, or steel. You may customise the mug with a name for an extra $8. Each mug is seven inches tall and holds 24 ounces. Whatever is within will stay hot thanks to the stainless steel wall with copper lining. You also don’t have to be concerned about the pattern fading off. It may be hand washed and reused for many more festive seasons.

“Hot brown water” mug5 / 15

Etsy / LifeLikeDesignsShop

3. Mug with “hot brown water”

The cost is $12.95 or $14.75.

Get it

Breakfast biscuits aren’t complete without a cup of tea (or coffee). The Scottish shortbread fingers above go wonderfully with this “hot brown water” cup. The cup even has a mustache on it, so consumers can fully channel Ted while sipping their morning coffee. The price of the 11-ounce cup is $12.95, while the price of the 15-ounce mug is $14.75. Both are made of sturdy white porcelain that may be microwaved or dishwasher-safe.

Diamond Dogs t-shirt6 / 15

Etsy / LittleSwanCrafts

T-shirt of the Diamond Dogs

Cost: $22.50 (depending on sizing)

Get it

Maybe you’d like something a bit more low-key. After all, not everyone wants to wear a big yellow “believe” sign. This Diamond Dogs t-shirt is perfect for the individual in your life who wants to express their support for the team while remaining anonymous. It’s available in a variety of solid colors, including gray, blue, pink, and others, and simply states “Diamond Dogs Club Member.” If you’re in the know, you’re in the know. In any case, this very soft unisex shirt will be comfortable to wear all year.

Biscuits with the boss towel7 / 15

Etsy / MoonlightMakers

5. Kitchen towel “Biscuits with the Boss”

Price: $15 and above (depending on quantity)

Get it

Gifts for the holidays don’t have to be unrealistic. This kitchen towel is both practical and entertaining. It’s available in white or gray and includes a recipe for biscuits similar to the ones they eat on the program. Of course, it may also be used as a dish towel in the kitchen to mop up spills. You might want to order a few extras so your loved one doesn’t have to worry about the design getting stained. Plus, ordering one costs $15, but ordering two costs just $23 (and ordering three costs $33), so there’s no excuse not to get a few extras.

“Ted Lasso” coasters8 / 15

Etsy / GiftGoddessCo

6. Coasters with the name “Ted Lasso”

$17.99 price

Get it

These coasters include not just artwork of the show’s characters, but also phrases from the show. “How do you take your tea?” ask Ted. Normally, I’d go back to the counter because I’ve made a big error.” Alternatively, appreciate Roy’s declaration that “no one cares whether I curse.” There’s also Dani and Keeley. This set of four coasters features a cork backing that is perfect for tabletops. Fans will be able to use their coasters whenever they want while resting with a drink, maybe even some “hot brown water.”

Keeley Jones button9 / 15

Etsy / TheHissinKitten

Keeley Jones’s button (number 7)

Price: $3

Get it

Another great stocking stuffer idea is this. You could get enough of these buttons for every “Ted Lasso” fan in your life for only $3. “Keeley Jones Independent Woman” is printed on the 2.25-inch buttons, which have a strong and vivid design with a pink thunderbolt on a purple backdrop. If you really want to stuff your stockings with “Ted Lasso” memorabilia, the vendor also has various button and keychain items. Check out their “be a goldfish,” “believe,” “what would Ted Lasso do?” and more designs!

Coaches vinyl sticker pack10 / 15

Etsy / BetelgeuseX3media

Coaches vinyl sticker set, no. 8

The cost is $10.

Get it

Thanks to these vinyl stickers, Lasso and Beard will be able to encourage more than only their squad. The colorful designs include the coaches and some of their catchphrases, such as “be interested, not judgemental” and “be a goldfish.” You may also donate to “Lasso Beard 2024.” The stickers are glossy and laminated, making them ideal for use on computers, water bottles, phone cases, and notebooks. You might even include a “Ted Lasso” mug or calendar with this present.

“Believe” adhesive vinyl car decal11 / 15

Etsy / MarsDeeCals

9. Adhesive vinyl vehicle decal “Believe”

$5.75 plus tax (depending on size)

Get it

Sometimes it’s just not enough to flaunt your devotion at home. This automobile decal will allow your friends and family to pursue their passion on the open road. The word “believe” is in the heart of the goldfish design so that other fans may recognize like-minded supporters. While they begin at $5.75, the price ranges from $5.75 to $14.75, depending on the width of the stick. The smallest is three inches in diameter, while the biggest is ten inches in diameter. White, black, gray, yellow, lime green, pink, red, orange, turquoise, and blue are just a few of the hues available. The vinyl should last up to six years outside and is suitable for metal, plastic, glass, and PVC, making it excellent for automobiles.

Keeley Green hibiscus tea12 / 15

Etsy / RichmondTeaCompany

Green hibiscus tea from Keeley

Price is $14.

Get it

Fans may have their own cup of “hot brown water” that is styled after one of the show’s characters. Keeley’s tea is a green hibiscus with a vivid pink color in the cup. Green tea, hibiscus, marigold petals, safflowers, jasmine flowers, natural mango taste, and natural lychee flavor are all included in this blend. You’ll receive 20 eco-friendly bags, enough to keep your loved one warm for weeks. Dani and Rebecca can also have tea at the store. Rebecca’s tea is black, whereas Dani’s is green. Choose a favorite character for your loved one, or let them try all three!

AFC Richmond beanie13 / 15

Etsy / Freebeens

AFC Richmond beanie (#11)

31 dollars

Get it

When it comes to keeping warm in the winter, this AFC Richmond beanie is both stylish and practical. It has the team’s emblem on the front and is available in a variety of colors. Red, yellow, blue, navy, green, white, orange, gold, maroon, or black are all options. All of them are one-size-fits-all and made of acrylic wool. This is a great method to freshen up the winter wardrobe of your loved one. You may also choose from two-tone options. If you have someone on your list that wears a beanie all year, this present may be their 2022.

“Barbecue Sauce Dart” waterproof stickers14 / 15

Etsy / KonikCreates

12. Waterproof “Barbecue Sauce Dart” stickers

Cost: $1.80

Get it

Here’s a budget-friendly solution that will make every “Ted Lasso” lover happy. With British flags on the back and “barbecue sauce” printed across the middle, these darts will bring viewers back to that fatal darts game from the program. Each sticker is about 4.4 inches in length. They look wonderful on laptops and water bottles, for example. You get to pick whether the center of the dart is red or blue, with writing in the opposite color. They should also last a long time since they’re laminated.

At the time of writing, all pricing and availability were correct.

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