What Is a Keyword in Digital Marketing? Great Tips 4 Newbies

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Keywords are a crucial part of digital marketing. They allow you to target your audience and show them the content they’re looking for. However, it’s not always easy to know what keywords to use in your campaigns. In this article, we’ll discuss how to find keywords that will work best for your business.

Keywords are a tool that digital marketers use to target their audiences. If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, here are some tips for finding keywords and optimizing your site. You may also check out Digital Spotlight for services they offer that can help boost your revenue.

Hello and welcome to my website.

Mike here, and I’ve been fascinated with digital marketing since 2014… It took me a couple more years before I finally did anything about it.

A few years?…yes, that’s correct. You’re probably thinking I used to procrastinate a lot, and you’re right. But that’s not why you’ve come, is it?

You’re probably interested in Digital Marketing as well, and you’d want to learn more about keywords.

In digital marketing, what is a keyword?

In the next post, we will discuss what a keyword is, why it is important, and how to find a particular term.

We’ll also talk about how to utilize it and what my preferred keyword research tool is.

You will get valuable insights into the keyword subject in a matter of minutes, and I think that after you implement the knowledge, your website will begin to rank higher.

What exactly is the key phrase?

I understand that answering questions with a question is impolite, but a good question is sometimes half the answer; therefore let me ask you a question:

What search engine did you use to locate this article?

Did you enter anything similar to “Keyword in Digital Marketing” into Google (or Bing/Yahoo)?

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing?

That is a crucial phrase. It may be a single word or a whole phrase that looks like this:

…”how to win your mother-in-approval”… law’s You probably won’t, but you never know.

Anyway, I think it’s obvious what the keyword is thus far. At least from the perspective of the “searcher.”

What Do Keywords Mean in Digital Marketing?

In general, a keyword in your post should be utilized in such a manner that Google sees it as valuable, and it will appear on the first page of Google search results.

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

Let’s break it down:) I hope that makes sense:)

Let’s pretend you want to make a basic website and you already know how.

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Website

5 things to know before creating a website

You’ve determined your topic and are ready to begin creating content, especially specialized pieces.

Each article is based only on a single term.

In a moment, we’ll show you where and how to utilize this term, but before, consider a few important points.

  • Remember that you’re writing for people, therefore the keyword should make sense.

Here’s a Google recommendation:

Take a look at these Google suggestions:

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

This is the most common query in search engines.

Also, don’t overlook the part “Other Questions”

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

As a result, these are the terms that people are looking for.

Some of the words are brief, while others are lengthy.

Keywords with a Long Tail

Long-term and short-term keywords are presumably terms you’ve heard before. There is no standard for determining if a keyword is long-tailed or short-tailed.

Let’s pretend that the long-tail keyword has at least four words for the purpose of this post. When creating a new website, it is recommended that you utilize these lengthy keywords.


Even with a lesser authority domain, ranking for these long-tail keywords is considerably simpler (regarding the website authority, in a bit).

The problem is that there isn’t a lot of competition. To put it another way, if Google notices that more people are looking for that particular phrase (the long-tiled keyword), he will pick a website with a keyword that is as near to the keyword as feasible.

Keywords with a Short Tail

Whatever “single-word” term you choose, keep in mind that only high-authority websites will appear in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Let’s suppose we wish to create a coffee-machine-related website.

Writing an article that ranks for the term “coffee-machine” is not a smart idea. Our new site would be ranked at around 85th or such.

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

We need to discover a term that people are searching for while also having less competition.

We’ll look at how to do it in the next section.

How Do I Find a Good Keyword?

We’ve previously stated that the long-term keyword is likely to be the first kind of keyword you employ.

But how precisely? What, out of all the options shown above, is the best keyword?

We’d want to look at the following characteristics:

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

1) There is competition.

The third column from the left in the Jaaxy tool is called QSR (Quoted Search Results).

Isn’t it true that we desire to know about the competition?

That is the total number of websites that are attempting to rank for the same term as we are.

You can see how many webpages are in the SERP by typing the term in quotes.

This technique takes a long time to complete. Aside from that, we have no idea how many people search for the keyword or how much traffic we can expect.

As a result, there exist tools such as the Keyword Research Tool.

These tools provide us with detailed information on:

  • Competition
  • The monthly average number of searches
  • The number of visitors to the webpage (assuming the website achieve 1st page in Search Engines)

Some of these Keyword Tools are free, while others have a daily search restriction. However, the bulk of these tools cost between $30 and $100 a month.

Check out “ubersuggest” as an example.

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

My personal favorite is a program named Jaaxy.

That is also a paid tool, although they provide many free searches.

Because I am a member of one specific educational platform that teaches how to establish your own internet company, I am able to utilize this service for free. The subscription costs about $50 per month, however as I already said, I get the Keyword tool for free (and a lot more).

Here’s where you can learn more about Jaaxy:

What is the meaning of Jaaxy?


So, what sort of information does a tool like this reveal?

2) Do people go out of their way to find it?

We’d want to know whether people look for such a phrase. The first column in the Jaaxy screenshot is that (Avg.)

3) How much traffic should I anticipate?

And, ideally, how much traffic we may anticipate if someone searches for that term.

The second book from the left, Traffic, is the one you’re looking for.

Keep the human element in mind.

Keep in mind that you’re writing an article for people. This isn’t SEO or any kind of algorithm.

As a result, as I previously said, your keyword must make sense.

As a result, the best approach to come up with an optimal term is to combine the data from the Keyword Research tool with the “human element.”

We’re going to find out where to utilize our ideal keyword now that we’ve selected it.

What Can You Do With It?

You should utilize your keyword in precise locations throughout the content.

This is true for the whole – long-tail term.

1. Meta description

The keyword should be in both the Meta Title and Meta Description, as seen in the image below.

If you’re using WordPress, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the all-in-one SEO plugin, also known as Yoast.

Both of these characteristics allow you to fill up both of them.

Meta description number two

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

As you can see from the screenshot, the same long-tail term that appears in the Meta Title does not appear in the Meta Description.

What is the cause behind this? In many instances, Google selects whatever it wants from the article and extracts a portion (or even from the comment below the article). However, as a general rule, it is always a good idea to fill it out as well.

3. Use a headline (URL)

…or a heading

That is the subject of your article.

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

4. Your content’s first paragraph.

In the first paragraph of your piece, include the keyword. It’s an excellent ranking factor.

Within seconds, a visitor to your website learns about the subject. As a result, he or she does not immediately go.

There are many additional ranking variables that influence your website.

Learn more about How Can I Improve My Website’s Google Search Results?

How Can I Improve My Website’s Google Search Results?


A few pointers:

  • 1) Do not attempt to rank for several keywords.

Create a new article if you have a different term in mind.

What’s more, your post will rank for a lot more keywords than the one you selected. But, first and foremost, you want the content to rank for the keyword you selected.

Here’s an example of how one article may rank for several keywords:

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

  • 2) Don’t overuse key words in your content (ideally once is enough)

Particularly if you use long-tail keywords.

Otherwise, you’d be accused of keyword stuffing, which is a black hat SEO tactic. That’s a huge no-no, and Google puts websites with terms like “staffing” on a “black list.”

This implies that these sites should be relegated to the bottom of the SERPs, if they rank at all.

And you already know what that implies: no traffic equals no money.

What Else Do We Need to Look Into?

We’ve selected our keyword, determined that the competition is acceptable (i.e., beatable), and learned how people search for the phrase.

It’s also feasible to forecast traffic, so we’re all set to leave.

Are we there yet? Please bear with me.

Check the first page for that keyword.

Examine the first page’s websites to see whether they have any authority.

What’s the best way to find out?

Again, there are many options, but I like Alexa. It’s easy to use and gets me the results I desire.

Visit for more information.

And then enter any URL you desire.

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

There’s a lot of information here, so scroll down until you reach the Alexa Rank.

In this instance, we discovered that the website is ranked 52. The lower the number, the greater the website’s authority.What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

Here’s an example of a low-authority site.

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

Websites having an authority of over 1 million are usually simple to outrank.

As you can see from the ups and downs in the graph above, it varies with time.

Let’s return to our previous scenario.

Assume your website has a 300,000 ranking.

Now we put in the term we selected, and we get ten distinct results (on Google’s first page):

What is a Keyword in Digital Marketing

It’s a good idea to look through each page and double-check the authority.

Here’s an illustration: Let’s suppose there are two websites with a rating of about 900K out of these ten (there are only eight in the image above).

That’s a positive indication. We have a good probability of making it to Google’s first page.

In certain instances, the authority of all the results on the first page is 5 digits or fewer. This implies that competing with these sites would be tough.

What should I do? The keyword must be changed till the results are less competitive.


That, I think, concludes the discussion of keywords in digital marketing.

It’s a good idea to put this knowledge to use in the actual world, i.e. the online world, so that people will naturally discover your content and spend more time on your site.

This improves your ranks and is linked to your page’s authority. It will rise, resulting in more traffic. More traffic equals more money.

If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments area below.

There is no such thing as a dumb question, and asking inquiries is completely natural. Please don’t hesitate to contact me; I will try my best to respond within 24 hours.

Mike, thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Keywords are the foundation of digital marketing. A keyword is a word or phrase that describes what your product does. It’s important to create a keyword for your business, because it helps people find you online. Reference: keyword explorer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are keywords in digital marketing?

Keywords are words that people type into search engines to find information about a particular topic.

What is a keyword in marketing?

A keyword is a word or phrase that has been selected to be relevant to your product or service.

What are keywords examples?

Keywords are words that describe the topic of your question.

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