Pivotal Commware recently received a $50M boost to help fund the company’s 5G ambitions. Pivotal Commware is a leading provider in digital connectivity technology, and this new influx of funding could be used to create innovative 5G technology and services.

The 5G market is poised for significant growth, and Pivotal Comware could be well-positioned to take advantage of this. In this article, we will explore how Pivotal Commware’s 5G ambitions could be helped by this new investment.

Overview of Pivotal Commware

Pivotal Commware is an American company located in Bothell, Washington which designs and engineers advanced radio signal enhancing products. An experienced team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs in 2015 founded it. The company’s mission is to leverage advanced antenna technologies to help deliver new 5G applications that will require higher performance than currently achievable through existing markets and industries.

The core technology that makes Pivotal Commware unique is its RF phasing array technology which provides gains on a level not seen before in mobile communications devices. This process takes a beam of radio-frequency (RF) energy from the transmitter, manipulates it via an array of tiny switches known as Phase Shifters to combine multiple signals into a single directionally targeted beam, amplifying the total transmit power available for wireless networks.

This technology allows operators to significantly increase their range and reliability—boosting coverage into suburban areas, rural regions and other hard-to-reach places—while taking up less space than traditional large cell tower antennas. Additionally, Pivotal Commware’s systems can direct their beams toward any specific area more precisely than other antenna solutions on the market, helping network providers optimise their network performance where necessary.

These features open up many opportunities for Pivotal Commware when it comes to developing a 5G network infrastructure; from enterprise/industrial use cases such as:

  • automated factories
  • consumer use cases such as streaming video over mobile networks

Pivotal Commware’s solutions will prove invaluable for implementing next generation 5G applications.

What are Pivotal Commware’s 5G ambitions?

Pivotal Commware is a Washington-based startup that aims to provide disruptive communications technology. Its 5G ambitions are centred around its Holographic Beam Forming (HBF) solution. This novel approach is intended to provide unprecedented data speed, coverage, and power efficiency gains that enable a wide range of new connected services.

commware mmwave series capital managementboylegeekwire

This HF technology uses tiny antennas to reflect and refract waveforms in multiple directions from a single source. This allows the signal to branch into seemingly infinite paths delivering higher quality coverage over traditional methods with substantially less energy usage. In addition, the 10 Gbit/s speeds it offers are about 100 times faster than the 4G LTE today, allowing for unparalleled data transmission and low latency for next generation applications like autonomous transportation systems, intelligent surveillance networks and virtual reality gaming experiences.

In addition to improved speed, coverage, and power efficiencies offered by Pivotal’s HBF 5G offering, the platform also provides greater security by using a distributed beamforming protocol instead of centralised signal distribution. This advantages include improved reliability from having multiple points of entry for data requests and increased security as each device or user carries out its own encryption rather than having such data handled at one location or point in time.

Overall, Pivotal Commware is redefining what is possible when it comes to wireless communication technologies with its next-generation 5G platform based on its HBF technology promising lightning fast speeds without the need for large physical infrastructure investments – making it an extremely attractive prospect for telcos around the world looking to offer secure self-managed networks.

Pivotal Commware’s 5G ambitions get a $50M boost

Pivotal Commware, a 5G-focused startup, recently received a $50M boost, which is set to help them expand their 5G ambitions. This investment will help them develop their 5G technology and position them at the forefront of the 5G revolution. As 5G will revolutionise the way we use technology, Pivotal Commware’s 5G ambitions have the potential to revolutionise the way we use the internet.

commware mmwave 50m tracker managementboylegeekwire

This article will look at how Pivotal Commware’s 5G ambitions will help in the near future.

How will the $50M investment help?

Pivotal Commware, a startup backed by Bill Gates that’s working on 5G reflection technology to boost speeds of existing networks, recently announced a $50M Series B investment. This new funding builds on the company’s previous $25M Series A financing. It will be used to continue the development of its Holographic Beam Forming (HBF) technology which is designed to improve spectrum efficiency while boosting user capacity by transmitting multiple customised beams in both directions.

The additional capital injection allows Pivotal Commware to expand their operations and accelerate several key initiatives in 2020. For example, the company plans to continue commercial trials in collaboration with global telcos, such as SoftBank Japan and an unspecified European telco provider for their 5G HBF technologies. Moreover, the funds will also be used towards launching 5G enterprise solutions and development kits so that Pivotal CommWare can reach out directly to app developers and provide access to its APIs for potential partners and customers.

The injections marks the second major fundraising effort for Pivotal CommWare and further highlights the potential of their reflection-based 5G offering which industry experts have highly praised since its launch in 2018. With this new milestone, Pivotal CommWare will look to become a leader in next-generation technologies that can bridge network gaps while providing smoother coverage in high density areas such as sports stadiums or shopping malls.

What will the investment be used for?

Pivotal Commware, a Seattle-based company focused on advanced radio technologies, recently raised an investment of $50 million. The money aims to pursue their ambitious vision of creating revolutionary 5G-ready radio systems – that could dramatically improve access to faster, more reliable communication.

pivotal commware series tracker managementboylegeekwire

The investment will go towards research and development for Pivotal’s ambitious 5G-based technology, helping them create the innovative radios and structures needed for 5G speeds. With the $50 million infusion, Pivotal Commware aims to develop new antennas that use a mix of beamforming frequencies (BF) from GHz spectrum bands and massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) with 1024 antennas or even more to increase network performance across distances and coverage areas.

The investment will also help:

  • build networks for smart cities as well as facial recognition systems;
  • develop a multi-frequency smart repeater system that eliminates range problems in rural areas and indoor blind spots;
  • explore ways to integrate phone satellite systems into mobile networks;
  • develop low cost combined phones & networking devices;
  • create an optimised version of the Holographic Beam Forming (HBF) Hub with applications in dense areas such as airports and stadiums – while increasing performance by over 200%;
  • build out its dedicated Network Edge Computing capabilities;
  • accelerate development of its software defined radio chipsets enabling interoperability with existing cellular technologies such as LTE/5G NR/Wifi etc.;
  • invest in corporate expansions in India & Southeast Asia regions to introduce purpose built solutions for these parts of the world;
  • use its proprietary platform PRISM for edge computing applications such as air quality monitoring, traffic or process optimization etc.;
  • expand product offerings to include tools designed specifically for Operators and Enterprises;
  • extend marketing efforts to generate more awareness about the company’s technology solutions across various market segments.

What are the potential benefits of Pivotal Commware’s 5G ambitions?

Pivotal Commware aims to be a leading provider of 5G technologies, enabling high-speed wireless networks that can deliver significantly greater performance than existing 4G systems. In addition to increased capacity and faster speeds, Pivotal Commware’s 5G plans could benefit consumers in several ways.

  • First, with its enhanced multi-antenna capabilities, 5G would allow greater coverage and penetration into buildings to serve dense urban areas better. This would result in fewer dead zones and more reliable reception indoors and outdoors.
  • Second, the increased capacity of 5G networks could eventually provide significantly better quality-of-service (QoS) than 4G networks. Higher QoS would allow users to access faster and more reliable data connections with less lag time so they can experience higher speeds when streaming audio or video content on their phones or tablets.
  • Third, as an inwardly focused internet of Things (IoT), 5G technology promises to improve the scalability of connected applications for enterprise customers such as smart cities, autonomous vehicles, medical monitoring systems and telemedicine services. By offering larger scales for data transmission than current wireless networks, $5Gs could create opportunities for businesses to develop new applications and services that use the latest technology more efficiently with less delay in response times.
  • Finally, by providing ultra-high bandwidth speeds up to 10X faster than 4G technologies such as LTE, 5Gs would enable applications with lower latency rates so decisions can be made faster using edge analytics tools such as AI robots or real-time control systems in autonomous vehicles or surgical robots. This speed combined with a much lower transmit power will help reduce the energy consumption between wireless devices – ultimately reducing operational costs over time while still providing excellent service to clients worldwide.

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Clearview AI, a facial recognition technology startup based in the US, recently announced that their facial recognition product will no longer be available to customers in the UK. This is due to several legal and ethical concerns surrounding their technology, and its privacy implications when used with more sensitive data processing procedures and functions. As such, this decision affects businesses and individuals across the UK who have looked to Clearview AI for facial recognition solutions.

In order for businesses and individuals in the UK to remain compliant with data protection regulations, they must be aware of the implications that this decision has on their operations. To help clear up any confusion regarding Clearview AI’s decision and what this means for businesses in the UK, this article will first provide an overview of the current legal framework pertaining to facial recognition technology. It will then discuss how this affects companies using or considering Clearview AI within British law. Finally, it will provide considerations for establishments seeking alternative solutions to continue operating while adhering to applicable data protection regulations.

Overview of Clearview AI’s UK Data

Recently, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fined facial recognition database company Clearview AI Inc more than £7.5m and ordered them to delete all the UK data they have collected. This has huge implications for the company’s UK customers and raises questions about the company’s practices.

In this article, we will take a look at what the latest news from Clearview AI Inc means for their UK customers and the implications of the ICO’s data deletion order:

How did Clearview AI collect UK data?

Clearview AI is an American company that supplies facial recognition services to law enforcement and private companies. In 2020, the company gained attention for collecting biometric data from millions of people across the UK without their knowledge or consent.

The firm scraped images from public websites such as Facebook and YouTube, which matched with collected biometric data such as names and addresses from other public sources. This enabled Clearview AI to build a vast database of UK citizens’ faces, which could be used to identify individuals in videos or photos.

australia information commissioners clearview ai 3b kwanzdnet

In 2021 it was revealed that Clearview AI had also acquired ‘free-to-use’ datasets of individuals’ passport information, driving licence nses, social security numbers and other sensitive data from third parties in the UK; a breach of GDPR about personal data protection. This further demonstrated the firm’s lack of respect for citizens’ privacy and disregard for European regulations.

The company has since issued an apology and a promise “never [to] use UK customer images outside the context agreed upon” with the customers who purchased its facial recognition tools. However, due to its widespread unauthorised collection of biometric data without users’ consent, there is concern among members of Parliament regarding what could happen should this same dataset fall into wrong hands at some point in future. It also raises important questions about how companies acquire personal data responsibly while respecting individual privacy rights – something no one should take lightly as technology continues to evolve at an accelerated rate in our digital world.

What did the ICO find?

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) investigated Clearview AI and its use of data processing activities. The ICO found that Clearview AI had failed to provide its UK customers with the appropriate information about the personal data it was collecting and the purposes for which it was being used. It also determined that there were inadequate security measures in place and failures to comply with Data Protection Act requirements regarding data subjects’ rights of access, rectification and erasure.

The ICO concluded that Clearview AI had also failed to inform data subjects (UK citizens) of their right to object. Furthermore, they found a lack of transparency regarding how customer personal data was being collected and processed and a failure to ensure legitimate interests had been identified when handling such data.

Overall, the findings show a lack of compliance with GDPR principles by Clearview AI when working with UK customers. This highlights the need for businesses to ensure they are informed about their legal obligations when using cloud-based technologies such as facial recognition software using photographs scraped from social media sites or otherwise made available online.

What action did the ICO take?

Following the company’s failure to produce satisfactory answers to these questions, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) took enforcement action against Clearview AI on 3 April 2021. The enforcement notice requires Clearview AI to delete all data the company collected from UK citizens and bar it from processing any more without explicit permission. It further requires that the firm “put in place appropriate technical and organisational measures designed to protect personal data which you process” and that they contact directly everyone whose data they previously collected.

joint australia commissioners clearview 3b kwanzdnet

The order will remain in place for four months; if not fully complied with by then, Clearview AI will face court proceedings. This order comes with a warning that if it failed to comply, its failure “would be considered a criminal offence punishable with an unlimited fine”. A spokesperson for ICO explained that the nature of Clearview AI’s services meant “it goes without saying that people expect a high level of protection when their images are taken and stored”. They went on to say “the strength of the ICO’s enforcement action reflects how seriously we viewed this incident”.

It remains unclear what effect this action will have on Clearview AI’s use in the UK or its customers’ use of its services; however, this decision shows that lawmaking institutions are becoming increasingly aware of facial recognition surveillance technology and their rights concerning it and are ready to take legal action against companies who fail to abide by regulations set out by authorities like ICO.

Impact on Clearview AI’s UK Customers

The recent news of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fining Clearview AI Inc more than £7.5m and ordering UK data to be deleted has generated a lot of questions amongst its UK customers. What does this mean for them? Do they have to delete their data? How will they be affected? This article will discuss the impact this will have on Clearview AI’s UK customers.

ICO fines facial recognition database company Clearview AI Inc more than £7.5m and orders UK data to be deleted

The Information Commissioner’s Officer (ICO) has issued a financial penalty of £500,000 to the U.S. company Clearview AI, which drew on data from UK customers to offer its identity recognition services.

The fine results from an ICO investigation into how the company collected biometric data and facial images of UK citizens without proper consent or legal justification. Clearview also failed to delete data it was required to, and did not prevent unauthorised third parties from accessing its customers’ information.

This decision has raised questions about what this could mean for users in the United Kingdom who are Clearview’s customers or who have been affected by their actions.

According to the ICO’s findings, Clearview must take responsibility for ensuring that any data it holds about individuals in the UK is handled securely, transparently and under UK data protection law. It must also make sure that it collects and processes personal information fairly, lawfully and only for purposes regarded as appropriate by law.

Suppose customers feel that their personal information was illegally collected or processed by Clearview AI. In that case, they can submit a complaint to the ICO so that it can investigate the matter further. Customers who believe they were affected should consider filing a legal claim if they suffered any harm as a result of their involvement with the company. It’s important to gather evidence before taking this step as any court proceedings will require proof supporting your case against Clearview AI.

What is the potential impact on customer data?

Clearview AI’s facial recognition technology has been in use for some time in the United States, however the company’s decision to enter the UK market has raised some questions regarding the security of UK customer data and the potential impact this will have on privacy concerns. Without proper safeguards, there is a risk that third parties or even malicious actors could obtain user data or photos.

uk information commissioners clearview 3b kwanzdnet

In order to protect their customers’ privacy, Clearview AI should ensure that all customer data is secured and held with strict compliance to regulatory standards. For example, data encryption should be further strengthened to protect user pictures from possible hacking attempts. Furthermore, it may be necessary for Clearview AI to provide users with various ways of opting out and deleting their personal information from their services. Finally, Clearview AI must also ensure that customer information cannot be shared or sold, without explicit consent from each user.

The company should also develop a comprehensive set of policies governing how user data is collected and what can be done after it is collected. Additionally, an issue such as this requires adequate education of staff members or contractors charged with access rights to customer data and other technologies used by customers on the platform.

Clearview AI must therefore demonstrate its commitment to abiding by GDPR requirements, respecting users’ right to privacy and protecting personal information against unauthorised access, use or sharing in order to mitigate any potential disruption or damage resulting from entering the UK market.

What steps should customers take to protect their data?

Clearview AI, a US company offering facial recognition technology services to law enforcement, other government bodies and the private sector, recently had its access to the UK data market suspended by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). In light of this news, customers should protect their data and meet local compliance requirements.

To comply with data protection regulations in both the UK and US, customers should obtain clear consent before collecting personal information from customers. Where appropriate, customers should also obtain explicit permission from individuals before using facial recognition technologies on their biometric data. Furthermore, companies should take steps to provide transparent information about any processing of personal information being undertaken as well as detailed privacy notifications for any third-party transfers.

Clearview AI has recently been accused of having insufficient safeguards for protecting customer privacy and continuing with its use of publicly available images of individuals who have not given explicit permission for their use in this situation. Customers should be aware that continuing these activities could create high risks associated with regulatory compliance and potential civil liability.

In conclusion, Clearview AI’s UK customers should review their current operations against applicable regulations and court rulings related to data collection and use special attention when considering technology solutions such as facial recognition technologies which involve biometric data collection or identification purposes. Customers must apply robust levels of transparency where necessary to meet legal obligations. Further steps may be required depending upon individual customer circumstances and industry specific-guidelines such as adherence to ISO/IEC 27001 standards for security management systems enforced by certification bodies in some sectors; e.g., financial services establishments or healthcare organisations in certain jurisdictions might require additional controls beyond public statutory frameworks. Consumers must remain vigilant and ensure due diligence is undertaken when handling personal information gathered by Clearview AI’s products for processing purposes in order to protect against possible cyber vulnerability threats like identity theft or malicious misuse throughout online channels based on cross-border global operations prohibited under established laws both within US legislation frameworks or EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) competency regimes set forth by Cardiff Principle Inter-Regulation guidance verdicts & articles addressing global regulatory measures directed within sophisticated governmental parameters consistent with international treaty & code requirements maintained domestically compliant appropriately governing blanket corporate security responses suitable towards transactional deliverable solutions & customized service resolution strategies favored among contracted agreement terms specified accordance due informative operational determinations 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Asking people how much inflation they expect can be a strange activity. However, it can provide key insights into people’s opinions and expectations regarding the state of the economy. Questions like this can provide important information about consumer sentiment and help economists better understand public perception.

In this article, we’ll explore why it’s important to ask people how much inflation they expect and look at some of the key benefits of doing so:

Definition of inflation

Inflation is the general increase in prices and a fall in money’s purchasing value. Inflation occurs when too much money is chasing a limited amount of goods, increasing prices. This is because people are willing to pay more for the same item, leading to an overall price rise. The inflation rate is usually measured by calculating changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which measures price fluctuations for a basket of goods such as food, fuel and entertainment services.

Inflation can have varying effects depending on how it affects each individual or society. In many cases, it can be beneficial if it stays within moderation levels most economists accept. Moderate inflation levels can encourage spending while giving people with debt more time to pay it off since their monthly payments become worth less when inflation rises. On the other hand, high inflation levels can hurt households’ budgeting and strain an economy’s resources due to higher demand for goods at greater prices. That is why consumers need to understand:

  • What economists mean when they forecast inflation
  • How much they expect from current economic policies.

Why it’s important to ask people how much inflation they expect

Inflation significantly impacts the economy and is a gauge of how well the government is managing its finances. Therefore, knowing how much people expect inflation to be shortly helps businesses, investors and policy makers make better decisions.

Inflation expectations affect households, businesses and financial institutions’ spending, saving and investment decisions. For example, consumers tend to purchase more goods and services when the expected inflation rate is low, allowing them to buy goods at lower prices than if they were higher. Likewise, businesses use inflation expectations to decide how to price their goods. At the same time, investors adjust their portfolios to protect their wealth from losses due to higher or unexpectedly low inflation rates.

The Federal Reserve pays close attention to expecting inflation levels, as these help determine monetary policies such as setting interest rates and controlling money supply. The Central Bank also conducts surveys of economic forecasters that measure current short-term expectations for economic indicators such as GDP growth rate, unemployment rate, exchange rates and – most importantly – expected inflation rate.

Asking people about their expectations for future inflation helps economists understand public sentiment on what could happen shortly about market forces such as inflation levels. This can ultimately guide policy makers towards making better decisions that benefit everyone involved in the economy more effectively.

Why People Predict Inflation

Asking people how much inflation they expect is important for economists, investors and policy-makers.

the us 70k 90kyang wall streetjournal

By surveying people on their inflation expectations, economists can gain valuable insights into how they perceive inflation. Moreover, people’s inflation expectations can be remarkably accurate at predicting future inflation rates, making it an important tool for economic decisions.

In this article, we will explore

  • why people predict inflation
  • what their answers can tell us.

Understanding the psychology of inflation

Inflation influences many parts of our economic system, so it’s important to understand why people make specific predictions about inflation. The psychology of inflation prediction involves analyzing the attitudes and beliefs of those involved in predicting inflation. In particular, individuals tend to consider the current rate of inflation and its historical average when predicting future levels.

Individuals also consider the rate of money supply growth, which indicates whether more money is being created or taken out of circulation by policy makers. Changes in the money supply can have direct ramifications for prices and general economic trends. Other factors considered include global pressures such as changes in commodities prices and supply and demand dynamics.

Finally, individuals consider personal concerns such as purchasing behaviors that may be affected by price changes. For example, a person may be more likely to purchase costly items if they expect prices to rise soon due to fears of increasing prices. With an understanding of how individuals form expectations about inflation, economists can estimate how rising sources these will affect economic activities such as:

  • Consumer spending
  • Investments decisions

How people’s expectations of inflation affect economic decisions

People’s expectations of future inflation significantly influence their economic decisions and ultimately impact inflation. When people anticipate a period of higher inflation, they often take actions that can cause the actual inflation rate to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

For example, people might be more likely to make major purchases sooner rather than later if they think prices will be higher shortly. This could potentially increase demand for goods and services, which could also cause prices to increase. In addition, people may also demand higher wages if they believe that their money will buy less as time passes due to a rise in prices. This would further contribute to increasing cost levels.

the us 90kyang wall streetjournal

Additionally, investors may adjust the amounts they save or invest based on their expectations of how much they will need after inflation has eroded the purchasing power of their money over time. For example, when investors expect high rates of inflation, they are more likely to invest in investments that provide real returns such as precious metals and commodities, as opposed to investments such as stocks and bonds which provide nominal returns that are diminished by rising prices caused by inflation.

All these activities play an important role in predicting how much future inflation will be and how it might affect overall economic growth.

The Strange Art of Asking People How Much Inflation They Expect

Inflation expectations can have a large impact on the economy, and yet it is often overlooked. Asking people how much inflation they expect is an important part of understanding how the economy works.

We will discuss why it’s important to ask people about their inflation expectations, and also look at some of the ways that you can ask these questions:

The importance of asking people how much inflation they expect

It is no secret that inflation rates have been at historical lows in recent years. While this is generally good news for people who benefit from lower prices, persistent low inflation can lead to other economic difficulties.

One way economists measure individuals’ inflation expectations is to simply ask consumers how much they expect goods and services to increase in the coming year or months. By doing so, we can gain insight into personal beliefs about the economy, assess if policymakers are succeeding in their goals and decide what levels of monetary policy would be most effective.

Given these benefits, it is important to ask people how much inflation they expect regularly; however, this can be difficult. People may not always accurately report their inflation expectations for various reasons such as cognitive bias or lack of information about current economic conditions. Additionally, because economic outlooks often differ from person to person and tend to become less accurate the further into the future one looks, survey responses may become inconsistent over time or can yield vast discrepancies among different groups of people.

That said, surveys such as consumer confidence ones that inquire about expected inflation levels still provide valuable information and can be a useful tool for deciphering consumer sentiment towards macroeconomic trends. Furthermore, by actively asking questions about expected inflation levels and comparing those results against figures provided by other methods (such as market-based data), economists can gain a more complete perspective on current economic conditions and use it to effectively create more efficient policies.

How to ask people how much inflation they expect

Inflation is a key indicator of overall economic performance and can play a major role in personal finances, investments or consumer spending decisions. Measuring expected inflation is important to understanding how people will adjust their behavior in anticipation of future prices. Asking people about their inflation expectations can provide valuable insights that supplement the more traditional metrics of consumer price indexes and other measurements.

Asking the public about their inflation expectations allows analysts to assess sentiment about whether prices will rise (or fall) in the coming period. Answers to questions assessing one’s expectations for inflation help to determine expected paths for monetary policies, rate setting decisions and macroeconomic behavior that, ultimately, affect economic performance.

The most common ways to ask people how much they expect prices to change are through surveys or so-called “minute labs” which collect real-time answers by giving participants options on a touch screen. Surveys are generally conducted in either random phone interviews or online questionnaires. At the same time, minute labs collect responses by prompting survey participants at specific times during their daily activities such as grocery shopping or waiting in line at the bank offering immediate feedback on price changes they’re likely experiencing.

Regardless of the method used, questions evaluating future inflation should include objective and subjective measures – such as predicted price indices – along with qualitative information such as types of goods expected to rise and/or fall over time. Asking people about what level of inflation they expect helps generate meaningful estimates that can be used for further analysis and informs both private sector decision making and public policy going forward.

The Benefits of Asking People How Much Inflation They Expect

Asking people how much inflation they expect can be an important part of determining economic trends. This survey provides insight into consumer spending, the cost of goods and services, and the economy’s overall direction. By understanding the public’s expectations of inflation, businesses, governments and economists can make informed decisions about policies and investments.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of asking people how much inflation they expect, and how it can inform economic policy.

Improving economic forecasting

Inflation is an important economic indicator, and economists must conduct surveys to get an accurate picture of what people expect the inflation rate to be. Asking people how much inflation they expect helps ensure that economic forecasts are accurate and reliable.

Inflation affects consumer spending and investments. By asking people about their expectations for future inflation rates, economists can better understand how consumers will react to changes in the economy – whether positive or negative – and make more reliable forecasts. Businesses can also use this information when considering their investment decisions.

Moreover, asking how much inflation people expect has other benefits beyond providing information for more reliable economic forecasting. It allows policymakers to gauge the public’s sentiment on the state of the economy and tailor policy making as needed. It also allows citizens to express their opinions on matters important to them, such as rising prices and wages, which can shape future policy discussions regarding taxation and other aspects of the economy. For example, suppose most respondents expect inflation rates at or above 5%. These results could prompt policymakers to focus on price stability rather than growth policies during economic uncertainty.

the 70k 90kyang streetjournal

Asking people about future prices helps paint a clearer picture of what consumers expect in terms of price increases over time. In addition, having this data available for research and policymaking purposes can improve accuracy in economic forecasting, which supports a higher degree of stability in households’ financial security over time.

Improving economic policy decisions

Asking the public how much inflation they expect can provide important information to help improve economic policy decisions that directly affect economic wellbeing. People’s expectations are essential to formulating accurate assessments of the economy’s trajectory and ensuring that governments implement policies that align with these expectations.

When people expect prices to increase, households tend to spend quickly before higher prices for goods and services erode purchasing power. Similarly, businesses hold back investments as market uncertainty increases due to potential price volatility. Given this, data gathered from surveys on people’s expectation can prove beneficial, as they allow analysts to make better predictions regarding overall economic performance and fiscal direction.

In addition, economists use this information to gain a better understanding of

  • how households decide when and where to invest their money,
  • how different socioeconomic factors impact their decision-making processes, and
  • their view of economic reality.

This knowledge is key for policy makers who need reliable metrics that accurately reflect how the population perceives a particular issue or policy initiative – such as inflationary trends – to frame their solutions accordingly.

The presence of social media has made it easier for people to interact with one another on an unprecedented level; consequently, people are more likely to express their thoughts and feelings about things such as expected inflation in a way that was not possible before the rise of digital communication networks. This allows analysts to gather more reliable data from diverse parts around the globe which can be leveraged for improved policy decisions geared towards promoting sustainable economic growth.

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FuboTV, an over-the-top package TV service, has announced plans to acquire French streaming video platform Molotov. This acquisition will expand Fubo’s range of offerings, giving users more ways to stream content on demand.

The deal involves a mix of stock and cash, valued at $60 million. The agreement also includes Molotov having access to technical and engineering resources from FuboTV, including the company’s ad-tech platform for enhanced targeting capabilities.

Molotov combines a live TV service with an on demand library, combining streaming services with traditional linear programming. Through this acquisition FuboTV further strengthens its streaming portfolio in these areas. It also allows FuboTV to scale up its international presence and enter new markets quickly. The addition of Molotov’s content will make FuboTV even more attractive for cord-cutters looking for an alternative to traditional cable packages and bundles.

Molotov’s CEO Pierre Lescure is enthused about the acquisition as it allows the company to build its core technology operations while getting “valued strategic guidance” from Fubo that can help accelerate the growth of their business in France and around the world. In addition, the merger gives both companies access to each other’s networks which can help them tap into each others expertise in different fields such as artificial intelligence or ad tech.


FuboTV was founded in January 2015 by CEO David Gandler, an established over-the-top television streaming service based in New York City. It focuses on sports-related content, including live and recorded games, documentaries, news and other sports related content. The company has grown to become the go-to streaming platform for serious sports fans and it offers several packages that give viewers access to over 100 U.S. channels at various price points.

In May 2020, FuboTV announced their plans to acquire Molotov – a Paris based streaming service – for €45 million (nearly US$50 million). This move is part of FuboTV’s larger strategy of global expansion to become “the world’s largest digital broadcaster with more than 200 live channels across 5 countries” The acquisition will expand FuboTV’s reach outside North America thus giving their fans instant access to some of the most popular football leagues, including UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Ligue 1 Conforama in France.

fubotv molotov 190m molotov ceo blancdillettechcrunch

This move also recognizes a growing trend in the streaming industry that sees traditional media companies evolving from linear providers into true multi-platform entertainment hubs. In addition to bringing quality programming from around the world to its customers, this deal will also provide access to new markets for FuboTV and create opportunities for partnerships within Europe (e.g., with TV broadcasters).


Molotov is a Paris-based streaming service founded in France in 2016. The platform features live and on-demand programming, over 75 touchpoints, a content lineup of more than 120 linear television channels, and over 20,000 hours of content. In addition to accommodating TV broadcasts, the company also offers video-on-demand services, featuring a spread of feature films and series and documentaries from leading providers. The company has attained notable success in Europe due to its partnerships with major broadcasters such as TF1, France Télévisions and M6 Group.

In January 2021, it was announced that media technology platform FuboTV had agreed to acquire Molotov for an undisclosed sum. This move will give FuboTV access to Molotov’s extensive library of European content offerings and millions of customers across the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany. Additionally, it will allow the American platform to expand into markets such as Switzerland – where Molotov already owns a significant viewership – and Portugal and Korea shortly.

FuboTV to acquire streaming platform Molotov for $190 million

Exciting news has come out that fuboTV is set to acquire streaming platform Molotov for $190 million. The news came from reports that a deal had been negotiated between the two companies. This acquisition aims to expand fuboTV’s presence in the streaming market and strengthen its offerings and content library.

Financial Terms

FuboTV, a major streaming platform, has announced the official terms of their agreement to acquire French streaming platform Molotov for an undisclosed amount.

The transaction will include a mix of cash and stock, with FuboTV taking ownership of Franc TV Platform, a medical services business created by Molotov that provides medical services in France. A bulk of the acquisition cost is expected to be in cash.

In its press release, FuboTV stated that Molotov’s 67 million registered users and its products “will give us tremendous scale which positions us well to quickly enter additional markets outside North America.” As a result, the acquisition is expected to help boost both companies’ profits and subscriber count immediately.

fubotv french molotov 190m ceo blancdillettechcrunch

With the completion of this acquisition, FuboTV expects to accelerate its international expansion in existing markets including Spain and Portugal and penetrate new countries around the world for future growth. In addition, the companies hope this strategic deal will enable them to leverage their combined technologies, brands, audience scale and proprietary information to better compete against other streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video.

What Molotov Brings to FuboTV

Molotov is a French streaming TV platform that launched in 2017. It’s best known for giving an easy way for people to broadcast and access their favorite shows, sports and news. With its app on all platforms, Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon Firestick; it’s become a leading streaming service with over six million global users. In addition, it has been certified with dozens of leading hardware manufacturers and major internet service providers in France, Europe and North America.

The Molotov app seamlessly enables customers to watch live broadcast TV channels or on-demand content from networks like Canal+ in France or movie streaming sites like Disney+. It can be accessed via the web, mobile devices and smart TVs. The platform also delivers tools to facilitate content discovery such as personalized recommendations based on customer actions (watching habits), customer profiles (age, genders etc) and external data analysis.

FuboTV acquiring Molotov brings new opportunities of product innovation in multiple areas, including features such as:

  • Personalization capabilities that fit individual preferences;
  • More premium content;
  • Improved video quality;
  • An enhanced search experience;
  • Deeper integrations with major ecosystem partners;
  • Enhanced localization capabilities to increase engagement within multiple geographies;
  • Robust metadata enhancements that help users discover the right entertainment quickly;
  • Additional artificial intelligence/machine learning capabilities that suggest better watching options through use of natural language processing technology.
  • Adding Molotov’s products to FuboTV’ s portfolio significantly improves viewer discovery opportunities across multiple devices, giving them access to the content they love faster than ever before.

FuboTV’s Plans for Molotov

The announcement of FuboTV’s upcoming purchase of the French streaming platform Molotov is the latest step in its growth as a global streaming powerhouse. The move brings together two leading players in the streaming TV space and marks a significant point for FuboTV as it expands its international reach.

Molotov, operating in Europe since 2016, will add to FuboTV’s existing portfolio of services including its recently launched gaming offerings. The acquisition will also help fuel FuboTV’s entry into more countries and expand its multi-platform capabilities.

The exact details of the agreement have not been disclosed. Still, it is expected that FuboTV will continue to operate Molotov’s platform while incorporating their unique technology and algorithms across their entire suite of streaming offerings. This includes content discovery, personalization and real-time recommendations, which can help viewers save time when looking for entertainment options or discover new content they may be interested in watching.

For viewers this could mean access to even more movies and series available through FuboTV, making entertainment shopping easier than ever before. With this move FuboTV is poised to become one of the major players in international streaming and with plans to reach 40 countries by 2021 they are sure to be a major contender on the global scene.

Impact on the Streaming Market

As the streaming market continues to heat up, more players are emerging to compete for audience attention. FuboTV’s acquisition of French streaming platform Molotov illustrates their ambition to become a major player in the streaming market. The deal marks FuboTV’s largest acquisition since launching in 2015 and its first international foray, broadening its services to cover Europe.

fubotv molotov 190m molotov blancdillettechcrunch

Firstly, it decreases competition and allows FuboTV to expand its global reach.

Secondly, it will bring an array of innovative features that Molotov users have come to enjoy. These include an integrated newsfeed and broadcasting content from various providers, allowing viewers additional choices and an improved user experience.

As other tech giants begin entering the streaming market at a rapid pace, the industry remains in a state of flux. FuboTV’s acquisition illustrates their willingness to play a more prominent role in this dynamic space and anticipate future changes that may occur within it. The possibilities for expansion for FuboTV are now virtually endless; given their impressive footing, they are more than well-positioned for a solid future among the existing competitors in the space moving forward.

Impact on FuboTV’s Competitors

FuboTV’s acquisition of Molotov has created a significant shift in the streaming television landscape. While it remains to be seen how the acquisition will affect FuboTV’s customer base, it is certainly a setback for the company’s competitors.

The Television industry is already highly competitive, and FuboTV’s purchase of Molotov could make them a stronger player in the market. The addition of Molotov’s streaming platform and content library gives them a strategic advantage over some of its competitors who may not have comprehensive content libraries available for their customers. Furthermore, FuboTV now has access to technology and patents that can be leveraged in its streaming services. This could offer them more customized streaming experiences than their competitors’.

Ultimately, FuboTV’s acquisition of Molotov will unpredictably alter the television industry’s competitive landscape. Some companies may use this as an opportunity to:

  • Review and strengthen their offerings.
  • Maintain market share against FuboTV’s new resources.
  • Only time will tell how much this purchase will impact FuboTV’s direct competitors.

Impact on FuboTV’s Customers

FuboTV’s acquisition of Molotov marks an important milestone in the company’s journey to become a leader in the streaming industry. The move will allow FuboTV to provide its customers with an expansive collection of content, including sports, movies, news, kids programming and more.

The merger will also enable FuboTV users to enjoy a seamless international experience. With Molotov’s access to over-the-top (OTT) content from dozens of countries worldwide, FuboTV customers can access a vast selection of international programming without using a VPN or other third-party service. Moreover, the integration of Molotov’s technology will enable customers to easily navigate and discover new content within the FuboTV platform.

The acquisition is expected to be completed in fall 2020 and positively impact FuboTV’s customers. By bringing Molotov into their fold, FuboTV will provide its subscribers with an unparalleled selection of content with minimal effort for users as they search for something new and exciting to watch.


Various sources have reported that FuboTV, a leading sports-first live streaming television service, is in advanced stages of discussion to acquire streaming platform Molotov. This move is seen as a step towards international expansion for FuboTV.

Bloomberg was the first to break the news and reported that FuboTV had entered exclusive talks with Molotov about a potential acquisition deal. According to the report, FuboTV would pay around $50 million for the company. This purchase allows U.S.-based FuboTV to expand its presence into new markets, including France and Switzerland, where Molotov has established significant market share in the past few years.

The Verge echoed Bloomberg’s report and cited unnamed people familiar with the situation who identified two key factors contributing to the decision to acquire Molotov:

  • Technology: gaining access to a rapidly growing VOD platform developed by professionals who understand mobility; and
  • Subscriptions: capturing new subscribers and establishing relationships with Internet service providers in France that are necessary for further growth as they had “joined forces” across each other’s markets.

Neither company has made an official statement regarding this proposed acquisition deal.

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Activision Blizzard has announced they will give a thousand game testers full-time jobs and pay bumps. This is great news for those working in the gaming industry as game testers on a contract basis. Not only will the game testers benefit from a steady and secure source of income but they will also gain more job security while continuing to provide valuable feedback and testing of new games.

Let’s take a look at all the details of this new offer by Activision Blizzard:


Activision Blizzard is a global leader in interactive entertainment, dedicated to creating the most epic gaming experiences possible. Recently, the company announced an exciting opportunity to give a thousand game testers full-time jobs and pay bumps. This is a great step for the company as it shows its dedication to its game testers and the perfect way to recognize their hard work.

Let’s take a look at the background of this job offer:

History of Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard, formerly known as Activision Inc., is an American video game holding company founded on October 1, 1979, based in Santa Monica, California. The company was originally founded as Activision by former Atari game developers to create games for home computers and invent game genre categories. After merging with Vivendi Games in 2008, it became known as Activision Blizzard.

In 1975, Atari’s home console department developed some games that laid the foundation for what we now know as the modern video game industry. One of its key arcade games in 1977 was Pong. Atari’s success helped make video games popular with consumers and caused a flood of new titles to come on the market.

Despite the popularity among consumers, Atari experienced financial difficulties after the 1982 video game crash due to over saturation in the market caused largely by its flood of titles and third-party licensing system at the time which allowed other companies such as Activision to release their titles with similar themes or content as those released by Atari itself forcing them into direct competition with one another resulting in low profit margins and eventually bankruptcy.

activision duty warzone pc mlwarren theverge

However some former employees found success elsewhere by leaving the company to form their development studio such as Activision Inc debuting in 1979 where they shifted their focus from developing arcade style videos games for home consoles to producing software for personal computers which met with great success allowing them become a major player in this sector by 1982 consequently becoming one of Ataris biggest rivals due their newfound financial stability allowing them poach up talent from all corners causing many former employees from shutting down companies such as Imagic (a prominent force during 1983) jump ship making it one of most profitable development houses during early 80’s beating out even Nintendo Entertainment System at time. It has recently increased its market share, offering better wages for game testers, hoping to cement its position even more in the days ahead. It becomes a crucial part of the videogame industry innovating new ways to bring joy to the world over continuing to produce top quality titles well into the future.

History of game testing

Game testing is one of the oldest technologies in the gaming industry. Many companies have used it since the first board games were developed. However, the development of the internet and computer software led to the explosive growth of the gaming industry and an even greater need for testing and quality assurance.

In recent years, game testing has become an integral part of game development and a vital first step in many software release cycles. The growing complexity of video game development requires extensive functional, compatibility, performance and security tests. As a result, companies like Activision Blizzard are now hiring full-time professional game testers who are experienced in gaming technology and proficient in debugging code-base issues.

A professional game tester’s job isn’t just about playing games; it requires problem-solving skills well beyond what most gamers possess. Even more importantly, certified testers can find employment opportunities with some of the world’s most prestigious gaming companies. With their exceptional technical knowledge, excellent communication skills and commitment to producing high quality products for customers, game testers have become indispensable members of any software development team – especially with cutting-edge gaming giants like Activision Blizzard!

Activision Blizzard is giving a thousand game testers full-time jobs and pay bumps

Activision Blizzard recently announced they will offer a thousand game testers full-time jobs and pay bumps. This move is a testament to the value of having full-time jobs in the gaming industry.

Full-time employment provides benefits such as job security and steady income, building skills in a specific area and even the potential for career growth and development. In this article, we will be discussing the specific benefits of full-time jobs and how they can positively impact the gaming industry.

Job security

One of the main advantages of full-time jobs is job security. When working a standard, full-time job, workers are granted certain rights. These include layoffs and the ability to move between positions within the company more easily. It also helps create a feeling of security for workers, knowing that their job won’t be taken away if their performance isn’t up to expectations.

The recent announcement from Activision Blizzard that it is giving a thousand game testers full-time jobs and pay bumps is great news for those formerly employed on contract or part-time basis. These testers now have increased job security and more rights as company employees. This change not only solidifies their roles in the company but also grants them dismissal protection, which would otherwise not exist with contract work. Additionally, this change translates into better access to benefits traditionally associated with full-time jobs like:

  • Vacation days
  • Health insurance
  • Disability coverage

Benefits package

As game testers become full-time Activision Blizzard employees, they’ll now be eligible for a comprehensive benefits package. This includes medical, dental and vision plans for employees and their dependents, as well as access to life insurance, Disability Insurance (DI), Accident Insurance (AI), paid holidays and vacation packages.

Employees can also receive help with education expenses through the Learning & Development Program and financial planning advice through the Employee Assistance Plan.

the activision blizzard raven mayparrish theverge

They can also opt into the 401(k) Savings plan which helps them set aside money for retirement. In addition, the company awards select gamers who show outstanding performance in their game development roles with scholarship funds up to $10,000 annually.

Finally, the award-winning Activision Blizzard Employee Support provides 24/7 assistance with almost any personal request or emergency.

Career advancement

With full-time jobs, you can enjoy benefits such as job security and developing your skills or climbing the corporate ladder and potential perks such as promotions and higher salaries.

Working full-time often allows you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the job and build more successful relationships with co-workers, managers, and other stakeholders.

A full-time job at an established company like Activision Blizzard will likely offer additional recruitment opportunities due to their wider network that can give you access to exclusive roles. In addition, job hopping has become increasingly common in recent years, making it much easier for committed professionals to find the right position for their career development.

For example, game testers at Activision Blizzard can look forward to career advancement or higher salaries while taking on writing assignments related to the games they are testing—providing job satisfaction and a chance to build a career in gaming or tech beyond this role.

Challenges of Full-Time Jobs

With Activision Blizzard’s generous move of offering a thousand game testers full-time jobs and pay bumps, some challenges come with this.

qa activision raven software mayparrish theverge

These game testers will have to take on more responsibilities and commitments as full-time employees. They will also have to balance the increased workload with their everyday lives.

Long hours

Activision Blizzard is offering a thousand game testers full-time jobs with increased wages. While this opportunity provides more job and financial security for these individuals, it is important to consider the physical and mental demands of working full-time.

Employees are typically expected to work between 8 and 10 hours per day and can be required to work additional hours during busy times or depending on the job requirements. With long hours comes additional stress as employees may find themselves rushed to meet deadlines or take on extra responsibilities leading to fatigue and burnout.

Furthermore, suppose workers cannot take breaks throughout their days due to workloads or other duties. In that case, it can lead to exhaustion and mental fatigue, reducing their ability to think clearly, work with accuracy and remain productive. Additionally, being overworked can lead one to not have time for leisure activities outside of work, which can lead to a lack of fulfillment in life.

Stressful environment

Employing a thousand game testers as full-time staff members poses several challenges for Activision Blizzard (AB). The pressure to produce exceptional results within tight timelines can lead to excessive stress. This can affect the well-being of the employees and may decrease productivity due to a lack of motivation or increased difficulty in focusing on tasks. Hence, creating a healthy and supportive environment is crucial to minimize burnout and optimize employee performance.

Past research has shown that removing punitive measures can encourage workers to strive further, while providing feedback and recognition helps create trust between employers and employees. Additionally, granting autonomy encourages creativity among game testers. It allows them to independently address game-related issues effectively – this proving beneficial in terms of both quality assurance roles and development roles along the game production timeline.

Limited job opportunities

The challenge with full-time jobs is that there are limited job opportunities available. In the case of Activision Blizzard, they can only offer a thousand new full-time jobs and pay bumps. While this is certainly better than nothing, and may be a great opportunity for those lucky enough to be selected, it will not solve the problem of job scarcity in the gaming industry.

Due to a lack of demand for these specific jobs, it can be more difficult to find an extended gaming job without experience or specialized skillset. This makes getting hired at a full-time position an especially difficult task as competition is usually very fierce.

Furthermore, suppose game testers wish to move from one full-time position to another or from freelancing into a permanent job. In that case, their skills can quickly become outdated due to rapid technological advances. Thus maintaining one’s employment status is often seen as a challenging feat within the gaming industry, where many employees must consistently fight for their positions and stay on top of new trends and technologies to stay ahead of their competition.

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Deliveroo is an online food delivery platform that has disrupted the traditional food industry since its launch in 2013. As a result, the food delivery industry has seen tremendous growth, with Deliveroo being one of the biggest players in the space. In addition, the company recently announced that it had closed a $180 million funding round, highlighting the success of its business model.

In this article, we will discuss Deliveroo’s impact on the food delivery industry, including some of its key advantages over traditional food delivery services:

Overview of Deliveroo

Deliveroo, based in London, is a world leader in the food delivery industry. Founded in 2013 by William Shu and Greg Orlowski, Deliveroo has quickly become one of the most prominent companies in this fast-growing market segment. With operations spanning over 150 cities worldwide and a major player in 12 countries, Deliveroo provides numerous opportunities to bring restaurants to consumers worldwide.

Deliveroo is known for its advanced technology and seamless delivery experience. The company operates on a unique centralised kitchen model whereby all meals are prepared at partnering commercial-grade kitchens to ensure that orders are fulfilled quickly and at high quality. This allows Deliveroo’s riders to collect and deliver ready-prepared meals on behalf of clients with minimum hassle involved – often within 30 minutes or less.

This innovative approach and aggressive marketing have seen Deliveroo lead the industry’s international expansion. Most recently, Deliveroo announced that it had raised $180 million in new funding from leading investors including DST Global and Accel Partners which will enable faster global expansion as well as continued innovation of existing services such as its ‘Group Orders’ feature which allows users to collectively order from multiple restaurants through the one single purchase process.

Market Analysis

Deliveroo has managed to disrupt the food delivery industry with its innovative approach. The company recently announced that it has raised $180M in new funding, highlighting its success in the market and establishing it as a major player in the industry.

Market size and growth

One of the key factors contributing to the food delivery industry’s market size is the growing number of consumers opting for online food delivery services. According to a report published by Grand View Research, Inc., the global online food delivery market was valued at USD 83,871.2 million in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 13.7% from 2019 to 2025.

The surge in investment in the food delivery industry indicates growing consumer acceptance for this sector and its promise for growth in the coming years. As per a recent report published by Markets and Markets, the global food delivery industry was valued at USD 83 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to reach USD 1.50 trillion by 2024, registering a CAGR of 8.15% during this period.

180m durable partners fidelity 7b bradshaw financialtimes

Deliveroo’s funding from investors such as Samsung Venture Investment Corporation and some others indicates that they are vying for a major stake in this rapidly growing industry as they raise £178 million (€180 million) through their latest funding round making them one of UK’s most valuable tech start-ups with an estimated valuation of £487 million (€500 million). With such large investments, Deliveroo will be well-positioned as one of the major players driving innovation within the food delivery space and changing market dynamics. In addition, its unique technology implementation strategy focuses on customer experience and delivering results through data analytics initiatives.

Market share of Deliveroo

Deliveroo is one of the leading providers in the online food delivery service industry, providing customers with quick and convenient meal solutions. In 2015, it raised $100 million in its Series B funding round led by its two biggest investors, Accel Partners and Index Ventures. This was followed by another round of funding at $200 million in 2017 led by DST Global, implying that Deliveroo has gained a large market share over the past few years.

This growth can be attributed to the various initiatives taken up by Deliveroo such as unique customer offerings and features like cashless payment solutions, integrated Food Tracker notifications to keep customers updated on their food order progress in near real-time, as well as smartphone apps for both Android and Apple devices.

The company also counts on a wide merchant base of local restaurants and chains which continues to expand gradually across multiple countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom. With an estimated annualized run rate of more than $900 million across 12 countries in Europe alone at end-2017, Deliveroo remains a major player within the industry with its continued expansion into new markets across different countries since its debut in 2013.

Impact of Deliveroo

Deliveroo has revolutionized the food delivery industry. The company, founded in 2013, has seen tremendous success, with its recent announcement to have raised $180 million in new funding. This further highlights Deliveroo’s impact on the industry and how it has been able to deliver on its promises to its customers.

Impact on traditional food delivery services

Since its launch in 2013, Deliveroo has been a disruptive force in the food delivery industry. Their reports show Deliveroo operates in 500 cities and towns across 12 countries. By providing customers with a more convenient way to order food from their favorite restaurants, as well as new and exciting delivery only kitchens, Deliveroo has revolutionized the way people think about ordering meals for delivery.

The rise of technology-fueled disruptors such as Deliveroo has greatly impacted traditional food delivery services. On one hand, these services have made it easier for diners to order quality meals without leaving home or office. But, on the other hand, they have caused many local restaurants to close their doors due to increased competition and difficulty keeping up with the growing demand for delivery-only services.

Moreover, apps like Deliveroo have made restaurant takeout and deliver orders more efficient than ever. Now customers can easily track orders from start to finish with GPS technology that monitors order progress and estimated arrival time (ETA). Additionally, customers have access to a wide variety of cuisines all in one place—saving time that would otherwise be spent hunting for different menus online or traveling between different locations.

180m durable fidelity 7b bradshaw financialtimes

Considering the financial resources behind companies like Deliveroo, traditional food delivery services are facing stiff competition from local takeout companies and established tech startups. Nonetheless some restaurants are still finding success by embracing technology solutions such as

  • QR codes or
  • mobile ordering apps—
  • providing yet another advantage over those that choose not to keep up with the changing face of hospitality industry today.

Impact on restaurant industry

Deliveroo’s expansion in the food delivery industry has had a major impact on restaurants worldwide. By providing an online platform for restaurants to reach customers, Deliveroo has helped many eateries increase their business and improve their operations.

The success of Deliveroo can be attributed to its intuitive mobile ordering system that allows users to quickly order food from nearby restaurants for delivery or pickup. It also supports multiple payment methods and contactless transactions, providing customers with more convenience and flexible options.

The company has also enabled restaurants to quickly restructure their business models to better meet the demand of digital-savvy consumers. This includes introducing quick pre-order menus, optimized delivery systems, and other features that enable customers to order food efficiently.

Moreover, Deliveroo’s expansive global reach has helped many restaurateurs define their global presence while creating employment opportunities in various cities through its driver network. In addition, several cities have witnessed a great reduction in traffic jams as automobile usage for deliveries was effectively replaced by bicycle deliveries through the platform.

180m durable management 7b bradshaw financialtimes

These advancements have also made it easier for small businesses to find new markets online and expand operations without needing top-notch technology infrastructure or resources. As such, certain governments are now allowing Deliveroo’s services with safety protocols set in place due to its potential boost towards local economies and support during crises.

Deliveroo Says It Has Raised $180M In New Funding

Deliveroo has recently announced that it has raised $180 million in new funding and is now backed by an impressive grouping of investors. This has enabled further expansion for Deliveroo across Europe and other markets. This level of funding is not only an indication of Deliveroo’s success, but also of the tremendous potential of the food delivery industry.

Deliveroo’s recent funding round

Deliveroo, the UK-based food delivery company, announced it has raised $180M in a recent funding round led by Fidelity Investments. This injection of funds bumps Deliveroo’s value up to an estimated $2.1B and makes it one of Europe’s most highly valued technology startups.

The new funding will allow the company to expand into more markets, accelerate growth in existing ones, and invest in technology that connects customers with their orders faster than ever before. Will Shu, Deliveroo’s CEO and founder, commented on the recent development saying “we are delighted to welcome on board such high profile investors who share our mission to transform food delivery for customers, restaurants and riders around the world.”

This funding round is exciting for Deliveroo as they continue to rapidly expand across Europe. In the past year alone they have entered the Italian, Dutch and Spanish markets with Germany next on their list. They also recently launched a mobile app enabling riders to get paid quickly while they are out working on deliveries.

It looks like there is no stopping this high-growth business anytime soon as they continue to disrupt the food delivery industry globally.

Deliveroo’s expansion plans

Deliveroo, a leading online food delivery platform, has announced plans to expand its reach throughout Europe and beyond. The company says it has raised $180 million in new funding that will be used to scale its operations to an even greater extent.

The new funding was provided by investment groups Toscafund Asset Management and Gadbridge Holdings. This follows the reported $200 million Deliveroo had secured from Amazon earlier this year. It is believed the funds are being used to hire more riders and assist with on-demand food orders around the globe.

Moreover, Deliveroo intends to use the funding for research and development of new technology that can be used in the online food delivery industry. This will include improving their existing platform with improved APIs and customer service innovations focusing on bringing more restaurants into their system faster than ever before.

The additional funding comes at an opportune time for Deliveroo as it seeks to expand its presence globally by launching operations in India later this year and plans to expand into Southeast Asia later this summer/autumn. In addition, reports indicate that its services will soon be available in 50 countries worldwide with a presence across Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Australia and parts of Latin America including Colombia and Brazil.

By consolidating resources into one integrated platform for ordering meals from local restaurants – Deliveroo hopes to become a leading provider of online food delivery services worldwide!

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Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the world’s most successful video game developers. However, despite their success, the company is often criticized and controversial, especially regarding their business decisions. Recently, EA has been looking to sell or merge itself, which has sparked numerous debates as to why such a move would be beneficial.

Overview of the company

Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the world’s largest video game companies. Founded in 1982, EA develops, markets, and publishes its series of highly popular video games and those of its subsidiaries. The company has been extremely successful with notable releases such as FIFA 20, Need for Speed Heat and Sims 4.

However, the company has faced intense controversy over its past practices, including an anti-consumer reputation that has caused many gamers to boycott their products. Recently, reports have surfaced suggesting that EA is looking to sell or merge with a larger entertainment entity to increase their presence across different media outlets. This decision could have far-reaching implications for the future of the company’s business model and the gaming industry as a whole.

This article will provide an overview of Electronic Arts’ history as a company and consider how a sale/merger might influence their business strategy moving forward.

Poor Quality Games

One of the major criticisms of Electronic Arts (EA) is their reputation for releasing low-quality games. For example, since the release of their poor-selling Madden NFL “06” video game, EA has been accused of flooding the market with sequels and rehashes to make up for lost profits.

EA has also faced criticism for “monetizing” games by putting in extra purchases such as loot boxes and pay-to-win mechanics that are seen as taking away from the gaming experience. These practices have drawn significant backlash from players, who feel that EA is sacrificing quality for quantity.

report electronic arts nbcuniversal apple amazongachkotaku

Another major criticism comes from players who believe the company has forgotten about offering innovative gameplay experiences, pointing to a lack of originality in releases compared to other developers.

Unsatisfactory Customer Service

When it comes to unethical business practices, ineffective customer service is one of the most common complaints. Unfortunately, electronic Arts (EA), as a gaming company, has received much such negative feedback. Since their inception in the early 80s, they have had a long-running history with consumer dissatisfaction.

The gaming community is no stranger to EA’s notorious reputation. For example, the user score aggregation site Metacritic features an excessive amount of poor review ratings that identify issues in their titles. The ceaseless outrage from gamers has placed EA at an unfavorable position within the industry, which helped fuel its recent struggle, resulting in talks around selling/merging parts of the company off.

Unethical Business Practices

The controversy surrounding Electronic Arts (EA) stems from its alleged unethical business practices. This is highlighted by accusations of corporate greed, exploiting its fans, and profiting from its games’ microtransactions. These issues have resulted in public backlash for the company and its subsidiaries.

One of the most notable controversies around EA compared to other major companies focused on gaming is their use of loot boxes. This virtual item can be bought with real-world money and then used to purchase in-game items that enhance the user’s experience. Unfortunately, users are not always aware of what they will receive when purchasing these crates or boxes until after they have opened it, leading to some cases of gambling as minors can also purchase or obtain these boxes without necessarily understanding their contents or the value associated with them.

In addition, there has been evidence that EA deliberately withholds content and rewards to benefit from sales generated through microtransactions. As a result, players are driven to purchase items such as loot boxes if they want to progress within the game faster than usual or improve certain skills earlier than possible.

electronic nbcuniversal disney apple amazongachkotaku

Furthermore, due to its merger with Take-Two Interactive in 2020, EA has gained control over several acclaimed franchises including Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption. This raises concerns about whether EA may impose their policies on these series and other games affected by this merger. This idea brings further criticism upon the company’s leadership especially considering how their usage of loot boxes has already been a point of contention for many gamers worldwide.

Recent Developments

Recent reports have indicated that the global gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA) is looking to sell or merge some of their studios. This has drawn much public attention due to the controversy it has caused. This has caused a lot of debate among gamers, analysts and investors.

EA Looking To Sell Or Merge

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), an American company that specializes in video game software, has recently been the subject of speculation due to reports that they are looking to sell or merge operations. This is likely due to EA’s considerable financial troubles amidst the current market downturn and their reputation for controversial practices and games deemed as “pay2win” or too expensive.

Though details regarding possible buyers or partners remain nebulous, reports suggest that EA is interested in pursuing alternative strategies for growth. The potential buyers might be other video game companies or large private sector corporations interested in extending their reach into the gaming market. With its extensive library of titles and recognizable brand name, EA offers a notable opportunity of appeal – not to mention access to cutting-edge technologies such as Frostbite engine and Motion Scan technology – both of which would be attractive assets in any large merger or acquisition agreement.

In addition, EA’s mobile free-to-play games may make them an interesting prospect for larger firms looking to leverage these increasingly popular platforms–EA is already experiencing success through FIFA Mobile and its other mobile games (The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Simcity Build It). Thus, there has been mounting speculation about potential deals on the horizon for EA that could significantly alter the sprawling video game industry landscape in the future.

Criticism from Shareholders

In recent years, Electronic Arts (EA) has been the subject of much criticism from its shareholders.The company’s stock price is down significantly since the beginning of 2018, and many shareholders believe this is due to a lack of transparent business decisions and accountability.

Over the years EA has struggled to keep up with competitors such as Activision Blizzard and Take-Two Interactive Software in video games and customer satisfaction live services. Furthermore, EA’s rejected attempts at mergers or acquisitions (such as trying to acquire Take-Two Interactive Software in 2020) have only added fuel to the fire of controversy. Following a falling stock price, EA announced plans in October 2020 to sell or merge divisions such as their Titanfall game studio, PopCap games studio and BioWare video game studio.

Meanwhile other investors have raised concerns about EA’s financial stability given its large debt (over $1 billion) despite being one of the world’s biggest video game companies. Over all these issues have caused investor discontent with EA’s management style and decision-making process, leading many shareholders to call for change at this influential company in 2021.

Potential Legal Action

Recent developments have underscored the potential legal action regarding Electronic Arts (EA). Recent reports suggest that EA is considering selling or merging with other larger companies to stay competitive in the ever-changing gaming industry. These reports have caused controversy among fans and investors, as many people have expressed concerns about potential acqusitions impacting the quality of their games and the franchises they hold dear.

In addition, several antitrust lawsuits are pending against EA due to their exclusive contracts with game streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube gaming. These exclusive contracts make it difficult for competing streaming services to gain a foothold in the market, creating an uneven playing field between them. This situation has also led to public outcry among gamers who feel their content should be more widely available and accessible.

Finally, there are several allegations that EA has been using illegal methods to manipulate its game rankings on popular streaming platforms such as Steam. These allegations have raised questions about competition within the video game industry and how it should be regulated.

electronic arts ea nbcuniversal apple amazongachkotaku

Overall, these recent developments show a need for greater transparency from EA regarding their business practices to ensure customers are fairly treated by them now and in the future.

Impact of the Controversy

The controversy surrounding Electronic Arts (EA) has been on the rise and has had a major impact in the gaming industry. EA is a video game giant, but with reports that they are looking to sell or merge, their future is uncertain.

This article will examine the impact that the controversy has had on EA, their customers, and the video game industry in general:

Declining Stock Prices

The ongoing controversy has taken a toll on Electronic Arts’ stock prices. Since news of the decision to explore a potential sale or merger surfaced, EA’s share price has fallen 13%. A stock sell-off followed, dropping it to its lowest level since 2017 and leaving the company with a market capitalization of just over $19 billion.

The effects of this lower market capitalization are being felt across the wider gaming industry. Companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Activision Blizzard are experiencing a lower valuation as investors question stability in the wider industry. In addition, the controversy around EA impacting investors’ assessments of the gaming industry may be driving their decision to pull out of investments for now.

For Electronic Arts, the falling share prices represent an unfortunate dip in their profitability and increased uncertainty for the future. With their plans for potential sale or merger taking precedent in recent weeks, shareholders are apprehensive about whether they will be able to recoup any losses from their diminished stock value. This indecision has caused a further drop-off in investor confidence, which could impact EA’s finances and personnel decisions going forward.

Loss of Customers

The recent controversy surrounding Electronic Arts (EA) has resulted in a significant loss of customers, trust and corporate reputation. The company is rumoured to be up for sale or merger, with some sources stating that it might cease to exist in its current form. This uncertain development has had an immeasurable effect on their loyal customers, who are worried about the potential implications of a buyout or takeover of their beloved video game publisher.

Consumer confidence has been damaged and it was reported that some players were turning away from the brand altogether, suggesting that this could spell trouble for EA’s future revenues and profits. In addition, some reports estimate that the move might result in substantial losses for EA shareholders; several former employees also reported being dropped by the company with little notice or severance pay due to downsizing related to this news.

These developments raise more questions about the stability of EA as a brand and its ability to consistently deliver high quality games moving into 2021. It is common knowledge within the industry that a single misstep can damage any publisher’s credibility, so all eyes are on EA as they prepare to meet potential buyers and determine their fate and the fate of all their stakeholders.

Negative Public Perception

The negative public perception of Electronic Arts (EA) has been growing in recent years due to various controversial business practices and decisions. One of the most high-profile scandals was the release of Star Wars Battlefront 2 in 2017, where players were forced to grind for hours or pay extra money to unlock downloadable content. This sparked a huge backlash from gamers and industry commentators, with the Belgian Gaming Commission even investigating whether it constituted illegal gambling.

Another reason for EA’s negative reputation is its acquisition strategy, which many see as predatory and anti-competitive as they have purchased prominent developers with original IPs such as Bioware, Criterion Games, PopCap Games or Respawn Entertainment. In addition, this level of vertical integration has been seen as discouraging creativity in the same way that companies like Disney have acquired multiple production companies over the years.

The controversy over EA’s stance on loot boxes, lack of support for smaller developers, or reluctance to invest in new IPs have all affected their reputation within the gaming community. This can be seen in recent reports that suggest that EA may be looking to sell or merge off certain parts of their business due to dwindling profits and shareholder dissatisfaction with executive mismanagement.

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Brandwatch is Acquired by Cision for $450M

On December 3rd, 2020, news broke that Cision had acquired Brandwatch for an estimated $450M. This acquisition provides Cision with a broader social media intelligence platform and adds Brandwatch’s core listening capabilities to the Cision Communications Cloud. In this overview, let’s discuss what this acquisition means for Cision, its customers, and the industry overall.

What is Brandwatch?

Brandwatch is a leading provider of consumer research and social media analytics, with the ability to analyse online conversations across hundreds of millions of sources, in over 100 languages. Their powerful data and insights enable their enterprise customers to make informed marketing decisions with real-time intelligence about their brand, competitors and industry.

Brandwatch’s comprehensive services are powered by an intelligent platform that uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. This platform, named Audiences Unlocked, can collect consumer insights at scale, providing meaningful context to customer data like never before. As a result, more detailed customer profiling and segmentation are achieved using tools such as Brandwatch’s Reveal customer psychographic engine.

The acquisition of Brandwatch means that Cision can tap into these valuable public data sources without investing in people or technology required for creating internal platforms; this will also give it additional scale and access to a larger portion of global conversations on social media and beyond. This access is particularly important in today’s environment where consumers are engaged in more conversations than ever, which can provide valuable contextual insights regarding customer behaviour trends across industries. Furthermore, Cision will be able to use Brandwatch’s AI-powered technology to enhance its own proprietary native data sources so that it can offer customers deeper insights into target audiences on different platforms from both online and offline sources.

What is Cision?

Cision is a public relations (PR) software and services company. Founded in 1993, Cision is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and employs over 2,200 people worldwide. The company’s product offerings include media monitoring and analysis, press release distribution, social media management tools and media contact databases.

Cision enables PR professionals to listen to sentiment about their brand on the internet and make informed decisions about how to shape their message. The company provides access to reporters through its well-known Media Directory and integrated data sets from reliable sources like Marketwired, Broadcast Monitoring powered by Veritone’s A.I., Meltwater News Alerts & Social Insights Report and AccuList USA email listservs to identify influencers most engaged with a brand or topic.

cision newswire brandwatch 450mbutchertechcrunch

The success of Cision’s products has made it one of the largest players in the PR software market. On March 11 2021 it was announced that Cision had acquired the PR software company Falcon.io for USD 230 million as part of its plans for continued expansion. The acquisition will help consolidate Cision’s position as a global leader by adding mobile-first technologies such as social media analytics and content marketing solutions to expand its offering to customers worldwide. With this acquisition, it’s estimated that Cision reaches 30 million users worldwide in more than 190 countries!

What is The Value of The Acquisition?

The acquisition of Vision by GTCR marks an important step in the company’s evolution. By uniting two of the largest players in the martech industry, Cision is poised to further expand its digital marketing portfolio with industry-leading products and services designed to help companies drive business outcomes.

The acquisition provides significant value to Cision and GTCR by offering a wide range of customer capabilities that transcend borders and serve customers across multiple regions, countries and languages. Additionally, with GTCR’s resources and expertise, Cision gains access to cutting-edge technology resources and teams focused on AI/ML development, product innovation and global go-to-market knowledge that can enhance its operational efficiency and scale.

This acquisition also provides extensive value for customers as the combined suite offers more powerful solutions with a wider range of products making it easier for them to achieve their marketing goals promptly. Additionally, as one company, Cision can leverage collaboration tools such as AI/ML accelerators with real time decisioning capabilities and consolidated customer profiles that enable faster predictive visibility into customer behaviours – driving customer loyalty and key business metrics such as cost per lead (CPL).

This combination enables companies to take advantage of new capabilities including an expanded media relations offering with an integrated Campaign Analysis Module combining analysis from PR Newswire, Gorkana or Meltwater (services already available through the Cision Communications Cloud platform) aligned with media relations efforts provided by custom influencers or advertising campaigns – creating more efficiency while providing valuable insights into successful campaign execution and ROI calculations. With these advancements, Cision can provide a full-service offering from creating meaningful stories powered by analytics driven insights, delivering those stories efficiently across each collaboration platform – ultimately driving more effective media engagement, leading to greater ROI for customers.

Impact on Brandwatch Customers

The acquisition of Brandwatch by Cision for $450M is poised to have a major impact on both customer segments of the two brands. The combination of Brandwatch’s market-leading social listening capabilities and Cision’s comprehensive media database gives Cision a unique position in the industry to offer customers powerful insights backed by data. This article will discuss what the acquisition means for Brandwatch customers and how it will affect them.

How will Cision integrate Brandwatch Into its Portfolio?

To ensure a smooth transition, Cision has already established a detailed integration plan that will be implemented in stages over the coming months. The plan covers several important areas, including data security and privacy, product features, support and services, customer service and billing, revenue recognition, sales and marketing integration, product positioning and go-to-market plans.

As part of the acquisition process and integration plan, Cision will also be looking at how best to combine resources from both brands. This could include integrating teams to deliver better products faster and create stronger brand relevance for businesses worldwide. At the same time, Cision’s existing customers can expect Brandwatch features to be made available in existing products and new additions that leverage the capabilities of both platforms.

cision pr newswire brandwatch 450mbutchertechcrunch

The combination of both brands promises great potential for current and future customers. Customers can expect improvements in speed-to-market with new products powered by both companies’ technology stacks; access to insights on an unprecedented scale with billions of conversations measured; improved customer engagement by leveraging customer passions through consumer audiences; deeper audience segmentation through greater social data insights; optimization testing with consumer behaviour influence over purchased media; international expansion for existing customer base; cross-pollination across industries where Brandwatch’s expertise adds value; faster innovation cycles resulting from increased R&D investments and broader platform capabilities. As Cision moves forward with integrating Brandwatch into its portfolio, customers can rest assured that it is striving towards creating an even more powerful suite of integrated solutions that further meet their needs.

What Will Happen to The Existing Brandwatch Customers?

Cision’s acquisition of Brandwatch brings a new set of capabilities to their portfolio and a renewed focus on delivering best in class listening, segmentation and analytics for social media, PR and customer experience. This will add valuable insight to Cision’s suite of services, allowing customers to confidently create comprehensive, integrated communications plans.

Brandwatch is already an established leader in listening and insights technology, so this acquisition will majorly impact existing customers. This includes:

  • A wider range of services is available through Cision’s portfolio specifically tailored to enhance customer experience.
  • The ability to access all data from one centralised platform which simplifies access to the powerful insights generated by the Brandwatch tool suite.
  • Existing customers may be eligible for special offers or discounts for their current subscription if they migrate to the Cision platform.
  • Cision’s industry leading client support team will provide additional assistance during any transition period.

Impact on Cision Customers

The acquisition of Brandwatch by Cision is a major move in the industry, setting off shockwaves throughout public relations. This massive deal, which saw Cision pick up the social media monitoring platform for $450 million, will impact Cision’s existing customers. As the dust settles from the acquisition, many customers question what this announcement means for their relationship with Cision. Let’s take a closer look at the changes and what it could mean for Cision’s customers.

What New Capabilities Will Cision Customers Gain With The Acquisition?

The acquisition of Brandwatch adds an even deeper level of intelligence to the Cision platform. Cision customers will now access industry-leading social data collection and visualisation, an AI-powered insights engine, and the most trusted brand monitoring across all major social networks.

These new capabilities include:

  • Deep Social Listening – Get insights into conversations on all major social platforms in real-time, providing a more detailed picture of your audience’s opinion, preferences and behaviour.
  • Intelligent Insights Engine – Leverage AI to automatically scan conversations across billions of sources to uncover meaningful insights about your brand or campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Analysis Dashboards – Obtain comprehensive analysis dashboards tailored specifically to your needs to monitor topics quickly and easily, staying ahead of trends that matter to your business or brand.
  • Cross Platform Comparison – Compare sentiment across channels (e.g., Twitter vs Reddit) or campaigns (e.g., Super Bowl Ad vs Regular Month Ad) to better understand how different audiences receive content on different networks and channels.
  • Advanced Segmentation & Filtering – Utilise powerful filters such as language, demographics etc., to get a more complete view of conversation happening about topics in real time across different channels or profiles/brands on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc..

What Impact Will The Acquisition Have on Cision’s Pricing?

The acquisition of Cision by private equity firm GTCR will significantly impact Cision’s pricing. As part of the transaction, GTCR is expected to invest more than $2 billion in the company and has committed to doubling its current market size.

This combination of increased funding and resources should enable Cision to expand its product suite, develop new offerings more quickly, and increase overall innovation in an increasingly competitive market. It should also lead to a better customer experience with improved customer service and support.

On the pricing side, Cision’s existing pricing structure will remain unchanged as it transitions over to GTCR’s ownership. However, there is potential for dynamic discounts offering customers the opportunity to save money on certain products or services depending on volume and usage needs. This could be particularly attractive for larger corporate customers who use Cision for their media relations and communications needs.

In addition, both companies are committed to investing in additional industry research and insights which should help add value beyond just helping customers achieve their objectives. As such this could be bundled with certain subscription packages also helping drive further customer savings.

cision brandwatch 450mbutchertechcrunch

Overall, this acquisition should make Cision products more competitively priced at all levels giving customers more choice when determining their best value solutions for media relations management, content creation and distribution needs regardless of their budget or requirements.

Impact on The Industry

The acquisition of Brandwatch by Cision for $450M is an important milestone for both companies and the industry. With the acquisition, Cision will gain access to Brandwatch’s cutting-edge products and services, enabling it to further expand its offerings to support its growing customer base. The acquisition also signifies a shift in the industry, as Vision will become the world’s largest provider of digital marketing and social media analytics software. This move has implications for the industry and the users of these services. Let’s take a closer look.

What Does The Acquisition Mean for The Competitive Landscape?

The recent acquisition of Cision by Elliott Advisors has the potential to significantly alter the competitive landscape for providers of market intelligence and data-driven communications software. It could bring Cision more in-line with competitors such as Meltwater, Filament, and Computopac, allowing the company to compete more effectively with those firms.

Elliott Advisors will provide Cision with an influx of capital that could allow them to make additional acquisitions or ramp up their marketing and product development efforts. Additionally, they may use their new resources to expand their customer base in industry segments where they have yet to make a significant presence. Changes to their strategy may also result in changes to pricing models or feature sets that could further increase their competitive position.

This acquisition may also lead other competitors to reevaluate their position in the market and adjust their strategies accordingly, leading to an overall shift across the space. This could include increased merger-and-acquisition activity, increased marketing efforts from existing players, or new entrants into specific market segments. In any event, this acquisition will certainly influence how competitive providers approach providing information technology services for businesses of all sizes.

What implications Will The Acquisition Have for The Industry?

The acquisition can drastically change how market research, analytics and insights are communicated in the industry. As a result, Cision’s position as a media intelligence and public relations management leader will become even more solidified moving forward.

The acquisition of TrendKite by Cision signals several important things for the larger market research and analytics industry. By offering traditional market research methods and earned media data, Cision is at the forefront of helping brands better understand audience sentiment and track progress towards their business goals. The platform is poised to become an invaluable asset to marketing teams who need intelligent insights into their customer base.

Additionally, the trend of consolidating public relations (PR) technology platforms strengthens Cision’s position in this space. The ability to provide an integrated platform that offers all services related to media coverage enhances their reputation as a source for comprehensive solutions related to PR management. Furthermore, it increases their ability to offer clients comprehensive solutions that align with overall corporate objectives such as improving brand awareness or increasing share-of-voice in specific markets.

While only time will tell what tangible results emerge from this acquisition, it’s clear that Cision continues its quest to be a leader in providing sophisticated solutions for brands around the world regarding understanding audience sentiment and increasing efficiency across communication channels through meaningful data intelligence tools.

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Looking to convert your money to bits today? Well look no further than the world of cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency is a digital payment system that uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions, as well as control the creation of new units. While it may seem intimidating at first, with a little research and some basic technical knowledge, you can easily start using cryptocurrencies today.

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What is Bitcoin and how does it work

Bitcoin is the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, created in 2009 by an anonymous person or group of people under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that does not rely on any central authority, such as a bank or government. Transactions are instead verified by a network of nodes, which are computers that work together to validate transactions and prevent fraud.

Bitcoins are created as a reward for validating these transactions; in other words, they are an incentive to keep the network running smoothly. When you “mine” Bitcoin, you are actually verifying and processing transactions on the Bitcoin network, for which you are rewarded with new bitcoins. This process is known as “Bitcoin mining.”

How to buy Bitcoin

So, how do you get started with Bitcoin? The first step is to set up a digital wallet to store your bitcoins. There are a number of wallet options available online, but we recommend Coinbase as the most user-friendly and secure solution. Once you have set up an account and purchased some bitcoins through a bank transfer or credit card, the next step is to start using them.

Perhaps the easiest way to begin using Bitcoin is by making online purchases with it. Many e-commerce websites and service providers, such as Overstock and Expedia, accept bitcoins as payment for goods and services. Additionally, you can donate your bitcoins to charitable organizations or keep them in your digital wallet as an investment.

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how much money is 25000 bits

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the value of bitcoins can fluctuate significantly over time. However, based on the current exchange rate, 25000 bits would be equivalent to approximately $4,500 USD.

This amount may change depending on market conditions and other factors. Additionally, there are a number of different factors that can impact the value of bitcoins, such as news events or changes in the underlying technology.

The benefits of using Bitcoin

There are a number of reasons why you might want to start using Bitcoin. For one, Bitcoin is a very secure way to store and transfer value. Unlike traditional fiat currencies, which are subject to inflation and central bank manipulation, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is not subject to these forces. Additionally, Bitcoin transactions are fast, cheap, and irreversible, which makes it a great payment option for businesses and consumers alike.

In addition to these practical advantages, Bitcoin also holds a lot of potential as an investment asset. As more people begin to adopt the currency, its value is likely to increase over time. Some experts even predict that Bitcoin could become a global reserve currency in the future, supplanting the US dollar. So, if you’re looking for a way to store or transfer value, or an investment opportunity with real potential, Bitcoin may be the right choice for you.

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How to store your Bitcoins safely

There are a number of different ways to store and secure your bitcoins, from dedicated hardware wallets to paper wallets and encrypted offline storage solutions. However, one of the most popular and convenient options is a digital wallet, which allows you to store your funds online or on your smartphone for easy access.

When choosing a digital wallet, it is important to consider security features, such as two-factor authentication and multi-sig support, as well as ease of use and user experience. Additionally, you should make sure that the wallet you choose is compatible with the Bitcoin network. If you want to use your bitcoins on the Bitcoin network, you will need a wallet that supports the Bitcoin protocol.


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There’s no single answer to the question of how to beat inflation. But there are a number of things you can do to help keep your costs down and stay ahead of the rising prices.

Here are a few tips:

1. Review your budget regularly. This will help you identify areas where you may be able to cut back on spending.

2. Invest in quality items that will last. Choose durable goods over disposable ones, and invest in quality second-hand items instead of always opting for new items.

3. Take advantage of sales and discounts. Stock up on non-perishable items when they’re on sale, and plan your meals around seasonal produce to save money at the grocery store.

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4. Consider switching to a less expensive lifestyle. If your current lifestyle is costing you more than you can afford, it may be time to make some changes. For example, if you’re used to eating out regularly, cooking at home more often can save you money.

5. Invest in yourself. One of the best ways to beat inflation is to invest in your own skills and education. This will help you earn more money and keep ahead of rising costs.

Real estate and inflation

Investing in real estate can be a good way to beat inflation. As prices for property and rent go up, so does the value of your investment. And, over time, you’ll likely see appreciation in the value of your property. However if you are unable to invest in physical real estate you may consider to invest in the stock market, in that case investorunner.com is a great place to start your investing journey.

Of course, there are risks associated with any investment, so it’s important to do your research and talk to a financial advisor before making any decisions.

The bottom line

report turkishmade libyastanleygizmodoInflation is a reality that we all have to deal with. But there are things you can do to help keep your costs down and stay ahead of rising prices. Reviewing your budget regularly, investing in quality items, and taking advantage of sales and discounts can all help you save money. And, if you’re willing to make some lifestyle changes, you may be able to reduce your costs even further. Finally, investing in yourself is one of the best ways to beat inflation in the long run.

Purchasing a home is a big decision. If you’re looking for more information on the subject, check out our articles on buying a house and whether or not now is a good time to buy a house. You can also find helpful tips on how to save money when purchasing a home.


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