How does Reachdesk help businesses with gifting?

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With a recent $43M in funding, the company wants to expand its services and make gifting more accessible to businesses.

In this article, we’ll explore how Reachdesk helps businesses with gifting, its various benefits, and the features Reachdesk’s marketplace offers.

Reachdesk wraps up $43M to expand its B2B gifting marketplace

Reachdesk is a leading SaaS provider of enterprise gifting solutions, enabling businesses to send personalised gifts and experiences to their customers. Powered by machine learning technology, Reachdesk tracks past gift purchases to make future recommendations tailored to the recipient’s interests and tastes.

With its latest $43 million funding round, Reachdesk aims to expand its B2B gifting marketplace and add new features, including real-time or delayed delivery options and group gifting services. The new funds will also research product innovations in ecommerce automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Thanks to Reachdesk’s enterprise gifting offerings, businesses have access to a wide range of perks that make it easy for them to provide unforgettable memories for their customers:

  • Automated pricing based on customer data: Reachdesk automatically adjusts the price of gifts or experiences depending on your customer’s local currency, business size, targeted demographic segment, past order history and more. This helps you ensure each engagement touchpoint is enjoyable and profitable.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems: No matter how complex your IT infrastructure is, Reachdesk’s plug-and-play technology integrates easily with existing software solutions like ERPs and CRMs. This allows you to leverage existing data sets and access powerful marketing functionalities in one platform without any difficult implementation requirements.
  • Premiere product selection: With over 100 curated gift boxes proudly made in the U.S., you can provide memorable experiences tailored to each customer’s need or preference. Whether for client appreciation or VIP reward programs, Reachdesk makes it easy for your team to select the perfect gift each time with expedient shipping options across many countries worldwide.

Types of Gifts Available

Through Reachdesk, business owners can find the perfect gifts for their customers and employees, allowing them to strengthen relationships and foster loyalty. With Reachdesk’s gifting marketplace, businesses gain access to a vast selection of personalised presents including exquisite wines, rare craft beers, artisanal snacks from around the world, handmade cakes, rare chocolates and so much more. In addition, businesses can also choose from meaningful gifting experiences such as spa treatments and interactive classes.

With Reachdesk’s easy-to-use platform, businesses have complete control over their gifting budget and can easily track spending.

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Through its automated systems and cutting-edge technology, Reachdesk streamlines the entire gifting process – freeing up business owners’ time so they can focus on growing their business. Additionally, with its secure online payment system and next day dispatch options that include gift wrapping services, Reachdesk ensures that any gifts will be delivered anywhere in the world in record time.

Reachdesk is also proud to work closely with small businesses by introducing unique local products from thousands of vendors worldwide into its selection of incredible store items. As a global leader in business-to-business (B2B) gifting solutions for over 15 years, Reachdesk has built a reputation for providing thoughtful gift items at competitive prices while always executing excellently.

Reachdesk’s B2B Gifting Solutions

Reachdesk is a gifting platform offering businesses a wide range of solutions. It wraps up $43M to expand its business gifting to help more businesses simplify the gifting process.

This platform allows users to send gifts to their clients and customers easily and cost-effectively. Furthermore, it offers customised options like customising the branding, packaging options, gift curation, and more.

Let’s look at what Reachdesk has to offer to businesses.

Reachdesk’s Customized Gifting Solutions

Reachdesk is a gifting marketplace that offers customised gifting solutions for businesses. Its mission is to make it easier for businesses to express appreciation to their clients, employees and partners through the power of gifting. Reachdesk’s product offering is designed to meet each business’s needs and budget with an ever-expanding global brand catalogue.

The company recently announced that they had completed a $43M Series A round of funding from some of the world’s largest venture capital and growth stage funds. This funding will allow Reachdesk to expand its gifting marketplace with new products and services, recruit top talent, accelerate technological innovation, rapidly expand their geographical presence, increase marketing budget, and lay a strong foundation for future growth and sustainability.

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Reachdesk’s custom-built platform serves customers in various industries such as technology, professional services, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing & distribution. Through Reachdesk’s personalised service and significant relationships built with leading manufacturers worldwide, thousands of customers have had access to unique product selection in all budgets to fuel their corporate gifting programs or employee recognition initiatives.

Businesses can take advantage of Reachdesk’s feature-rich website (designed by modern web experts), efficient delivery system, reward & recognition platform or brand partner consultative approach – all provided in an industry accelerated time frame at competitive prices. Businesses also benefit from Reachdesk’s team which takes into account careful product selection based on customer laser-targeted expectations; establishing meaningful connections between givers and recipients rooted in thoughtful design proved through reports given by recipients; providing “thank you” sent messages; and offloading hassle while they focus on being productive with organisational goals set at heart rather than buying gifts – simplifying corporate gift giving process from top down via 3 click options often getting completed within minutes (as opposed several layers purchased across different categories).

Reachdesk’s Automated Gifting Solutions

Reachdesk has designed an automated gifting platform to help businesses streamline their gifting process. The platform provides businesses various solutions to reach customers, employees, and partners. For example, it enables businesses to purchase customizable and highly customised baskets or boxes filled with merchandise, rather than simply giving away items individually.

By automating the gift purchasing process, Reachdesk allows its clients to check out multiple options simultaneously and easily add gestures they believe their target audience will appreciate. This allows them to efficiently purchase presents quickly and helps them increase customer loyalty and maintain relationships that could lead to future business opportunities.

Moreover, Reachdesk provides an online checkout experience designed for B2B gifting needs. Through these efforts, Reachdesk simplifies the process of selecting suitable gifts from start to finish- from helping clients choose between multiple options, pick a product range (depending on the budget) and personalise a basket’s contents or box with corporate branding elements such as logos and mottos.

Overall, Reachdesk’s automated gifting solutions provide businesses with an efficient way to maintain relationships within their network by delivering heartfelt gifts in quick turnarounds – making their gifting requirements simpler yet more meaningful than ever!

Reachdesk’s Impact on Businesses

Reachdesk is a leader in the business of gifting. With its recent infusion of $43M in funding, Reachdesk is now looking to expand its B2B gifting marketplace.

Reachdesk is revolutionising how businesses can reach out to their customers and enhance their experience with unique and thoughtful gifting solutions.

In this article, we will explore how Reachdesk is helping businesses with gifting.

Reachdesk’s Benefits for Businesses

Reachdesk is a leading B2B gifting marketplace that helps businesses create customised corporate gifts and incentive programs worldwide. The platform makes it easy for businesses to build custom gift bundles and send them to their customers, employees, partners, or other stakeholders as part of their engagement efforts.

Thanks to Reachdesk’s secure data integration capabilities, businesses can use Reachdesk to ban administrative tasks such as creating segmented user lists, marketing automation triggers, or tracking shipment information in real time which can be especially useful for high-volume gift giving campaigns.

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In addition to sending personalized corporate gifts tailored to each recipient group’s needs, Reachdesk’s platform allows for convenient budget management tools so businesses can easily track and monitor spend on any campaign or project. Moreover, by leveraging modern e-commerce technologies and intuitive digital payment solutions such as PayPal, Venmo and Google Pay, Reachdesk allows organisations to securely process payments quickly and efficiently while adhering to current industry compliance and security standards.

With its ability to streamline gifting processes while also providing powerful control over budgeting solutions, companies that use Reachdesk gain access to a wide range of benefits, including enhanced gift personalization, time savings, ease of payment processing and improved customer experience.

Reachdesk’s Impact on Employee Retention

Reachdesk’s gifting platform aims to provide businesses with a hassle-free gifting experience while helping them set themselves apart in the market. This B2B gifting marketplace helps businesses improve their employee retention and make sure they are connecting with the needs of their workers. Reachdesk helps companies create a meaningful workplace experience that increases employee engagement and loyalty by providing access to corporate-level gifts.

Reachdesk makes it easy for businesses to select the perfect gift for each individual by offering various options from top brands like Apple, Starbucks and more. Also, through Reachdesk’s AI-powered curation engine, companies can automatically generate personalised recommendations for potential recipients within their network. This dedicated personalization helps recipients receive a meaningful gift that acknowledges their value to the company.

Finally, support from third parties such as gift fulfilment companies ensures that businesses experience minimal disruption in fulfilling orders quickly and smoothly without any headaches or hassles for the staff. Businesses will no longer have to worry about finding suitable gifts or addressing delivery delays due to incorrect ordering data. Reachdesk takes care of all this in an automated fashion while providing exceptional customer service. Thanks to these features, businesses have experienced increased employee retention because of improved workplace experiences and strengthened relationships between employers and employees.