Is Rolling Trays A Good Business? Examples Of Other Cannabis Businesses

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When starting off a Cannabis business, you might think that starting a rolling tray business is not that beneficial, but it is mainly for people who like rolling their joints in a neat and organized space and on a flat surface. However, some people are also not convenient with rolling trays because they don’t know what they are and how useful they are, but in this article, we will let them know why you need a rolling tray and why it is a good business.

The reason why a rolling tray business is significant is that seasoned smokers and novice smokers will find the use of this particular tool. In addition, most rolling paper organizations offer to roll trays in their product line, so when starting your rolling tray business. Moreover, rolling trays come in various designs and shapes too. So in case you wanted to create a cannabis business and didn’t know what to begin with, you could start by selling rolling trays that are unique and classy.

Examples of other cannabis businesses

Producing and Selling Edibles

Not every weed lover loves smoking joints, which is why you can start an edible product organization for such individuals, and if you love cooking or baking, this is a great business. But before starting your edible business, do proper research on the area you want to start your business so that you can know if they love edibles or are into smoking instead. It would help if you also focused on the demand among potential customers.

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Some of the most popular edibles sold are brownies, cookies, and pizza. Suppose you are ready to start this business. In that case, you need to get a reliable supplier of cannabis oil, and it will not be easy to find a legit supplier because there are so many illegitimate suppliers who will con you. Make sure you research well and work with reputable organizations with a good track record.

Producing and Selling Non-edibles

Another possible field of the cannabis business is the creation of various poetic and relaxation commodities such as soaps, lotions, topical creams, and massage oils. Customers require this product so that it can help them cope with pain and anxiety and help them relax. All you need to do is to add Cannabis to the ingredients you are using and sell the products to the targeted customers. Many cannabis organizations prefer to purchase non-edibles, but you need to be ready to compete with big organizations that have been in the business for a while.

If you go with this business idea, make sure you have a business license to find a suitable manufacturing space. The second thing to do is develop an advertising campaign to reach your target market. The final step is to contact distributors who will help you get your commodities to your clients.


If you love plants and taking care of them, you could plant marijuana or plant other plants together. Since there are thematic parties, cannabis decorations will be required, and you will be the one who will be contacted.

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But if you want to earn money as a florist, don’t focus on marijuana plants too much because they won’t provide you with the cash you want. This business idea is excellent for a person who already has a career in floriculture and intends to expand their business.

Weed Podcast

Podcasts are becoming quite famous today, and people are profiting from this business. You could start a podcast that covers a variety of cannabis-related topics. Starting a podcast is easy, and you need simple equipment. It might take some time to gain the right audience, but it doesn’t have to be. You will need marketing savvy and patience to boss the number of listeners.


The benefit of the Cannabis plant is that it can be used for many things other than being a drug that makes you high. Because of its qualities, you can start any particular business with Cannabis as long as you are intelligent and careful.