Reachdesk is already helping businesses of all sizes to expand their reach and grow their customer base in new markets

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London-based start-up Reachdesk has recently raised €5 million in a new funding round to fuel its global expansion plans. The company aims to use the funds to grow its customer base and reach the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Reachdesk is already helping businesses of all sizes to expand their reach and grow their customer base in new markets. Let’s look at how Reachdesk achieves this and why businesses should consider using their services.

London-based Reachdesk nabs €5 million to expand across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific

Reachdesk is a rapidly growing international business, headquartered in London. It enables businesses of all sizes to expand their reach and grow their customer base in new markets. The business offers various services including content marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization and web development.

Reachdesk’s mission is to target high-value customers and build deep customer relationships throughout the entire customer journey – from awareness-building to conversion and eventually loyalty. Its focus on providing personalised experiences helps create long-term customer loyalty by leveraging its wide range of tools and technology in customer interaction and its diverse portfolio of services across multiple markets.

Reachdesk recently raised €5 million in funding to further expand its operations into the US, Europe expansion further reinforces Reachdesk’s ambitions by helping customers capitalise on growth opportunities faster than ever before. With more companies increasingly looking for ways to connect with customers in overseas markets, Reachdesk will be at the forefront of this growing trend and help businesses worldwide accelerate their market presence faster.

Overview of the new funding

Reachdesk, a London-based startup that helps businesses of all sizes to expand their reach and increase their customer base in new markets, has secured €5 million in Series A funding. F-Prime Capital led the investment along with additional participation from existing investors Exor Seeds and Kima Ventures.

Reachdesk will use the new funds to expand their international footprint across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Their mission is to make international expansion easier for businesses, providing them with the necessary tools and support they need. Reachdesk offers services such as multi-channel customer service, agent onboarding and process automation, e-commerce fulfilment, website localization and data security – allowing businesses of any size to be competitive in international markets without sacrificing customer experience or increasing overhead costs.

The additional funds add to Reachdesk’s previously raised capital of over €1 million from seed investors in 2020. It is the latest milestone for Reachdesk as they continue their vision of being the leading provider of services enabling global small business success.

Reachdesk’s Expansion Plans

London-based Reachdesk has just secured €5 million to expand its operations across the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. With this funding, Reachdesk aims to help businesses of all sizes expand their customer base and reach new markets.

In the following sections, we’ll explore the details of this expansion and how it could benefit businesses.

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Expansion into the US market

Reachdesk continues expanding into the US market, with plans for strategic investments and partnerships across new markets. This expansion strategy includes building strong relationships with local partners, teams and customers in target markets to establish long-term success in their respective areas. Through this new fundraising round, Reachdesk will be able to leverage existing partnerships and also invest in expanding key operations such as product management, customer success and marketing.

The expansion has already seen successful launches in Europe and Asia. Reachdesk seeks to build on these successes by investing in US-based ventures to strengthen business operations and build a larger customer base that can benefit from their integrated CRM platform. With the addition of strategic partners, ReachDesk will have access to improved technologies, increasing their efficiency in covering a larger international market base with an efficient platform optimized for different local markets using customised features.

Reachdesk’s mission is to help businesses expand their reach globally – taking advantage of its successful platform which enables growth by targeting new markets quickly and efficiently – helping them grow their revenue efficiently by building better customer relationships through leveraging a holistic view of engagement – across multiple interactions.

Expansion into Europe and Asia Pacific

Reachdesk is excited about the possibilities for growth from the recent €5 million investment. The London-based company specialises in helping businesses of all sizes expand their reach and grow their customer base in new markets. With the new funds, Reachdesk aims to expand its services beyond Europe, which has already assisted businesses, into Asia Pacific and the United States.

The primary markets targeted by Reachdesk are the larger economies in each geographic region, such as Singapore and Hong Kong in Asia Pacific, Germany and France in Europe, and California and New York in the United States. At this time, Reachdesk expects to begin its expansion by focusing on those core markets first while continuing to develop capabilities elsewhere.

To help businesses succeed across territories and countries with different cultures, languages, customer behaviours and local laws; Reachdesk’s technology solutions have been designed with intelligence at their core – enabling comprehensive real-time insights into customer demand and sentiment. This also enables a simplified customer experience across channels for greater reach locally and abroad. In addition to supporting existing customers looking to expand their current reach, Reachdesk also offers start-ups reinventing themselves or expanding into new regions with help from a dedicated team of experts who will analyse customer data from mobile applications or web sites.

Overall, Reachdesk’s vision is to help businesses flourish no matter which corner of the world they’re operating in; making it simpler for them achieve success in both local markets of present or distant ones which may not have been explored yet!

Benefits of Reachdesk for Businesses

London-based Reachdesk has recently secured €5 million to expand their services across the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Reachdesk is designed to help businesses of all sizes to expand their reach and grow their customer base. This article will explore the various benefits of Reach Desk for businesses, such as reducing customer acquisition costs, improving customer service, and providing global customer insights.

Increased reach and customer base

Reachdesk is a cloud-based international expansion platform designed to help businesses expand into new markets quickly and efficiently. The London-based company recently secured €5 million in funding to expand its services into the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

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With Reachdesk’s intuitive platform, businesses no longer have to navigate the complexities of international expansion alone. Using Reachdesk’s services, businesses can easily acquire customers in new regions without investing in costly infrastructure or local resources. In addition, the platform provides access to existing contacts and distribution networks established by Reachdesk’s library of partner networks, allowing you to launch your product or service into target markets quickly.

It also connects you with local resellers and supports data privacy compliance for all markets with one unified policy for all countries involved. In addition, Reachdesk’s end-to-end service enables businesses to deliver an omni-channel experience tailored to needs of each target market and provide customers with integrated payment options such as mobile wallets, contactless cards, cryptocurrencies, virtual banking accounts and more. This ensures that businesses can better capture customer data while offering customized experiences according to their target region.

Ultimately, using Reachdesk’s platform helps increase reach by introducing products in multiple countries simultaneously and enhances customer base growth by widening access points without the need for direct physical presence in each market.

Improved customer service

Improved customer service is one of the key benefits businesses get when choosing Reach Desk. Reach Desks suite of tools allows businesses to quickly and easily reach customers across different markets, countries, and timezones efficiently, providing unprecedented support and customer service. This means that customers get a better experience overall, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

Reachdesk’s services also include contact management and workflow automation tools, which help provide customers with personalized experiences tailored to their needs. The powerful automation capabilities improve the speed at which you can respond to inquiries and provide insights into how customers interact with your business. In addition, reachdesk helps businesses create custom workflows for campaigns such as targeted promotions or surveys to boost customer engagement. With Reachdesk’s tools, businesses can ensure they are always providing top-notch customer service while expanding into new markets worldwide.

Increased efficiency and cost savings

Reachdesk offers businesses a range of data-driven digital solutions to streamline their customer experience workflows. Reachdesk’s digital customer journey platform helps optimise processes to increase efficiency and cost savings. It personalises the customer experience and provides visibility into customer interactions across all touchpoints, so businesses can make informed decisions with data-backed insights.

Reachdesk’s innovative approach combines best-in-class technology and services, giving businesses the power to transform their customer service in minutes – not months. With Reachdesk’s integrated software suite, businesses save significant time and money as they benefit from streamlined customer management processes, expedited fulfilment and simplified reporting features.

The platform also provides an on-demand workforce with expertise in customer support, sales inquiries and order tracking, allowing users to provide superior customer service more quickly and cost effectively. As a result, Reachdesk makes it easy for companies of any size to offer their customers a unified shopping experience — from product discovery to purchase — where customers are served seamlessly at each step in their journey from sales attraction through fulfilment and retention.

In addition, ReachDesk helps companies mitigate backend complexity by automating various business functions throughout the lifespan of an order or engagement cycle with its automated money movement feature – bringing transactions full circle faster and more inexpensively than ever before possible.

Reactions to Reachdesk’s Expansion

London-based software provider Reachdesk has recently announced their €5 million funding to expand their operations in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

This news has spurred interesting reactions from the business world with some looking forward to the possibilities and others with a more conservative view.

This article will explore the various reactions to Reach Desks expansion.

Positive reactions from customers

Positive reactions to Reach Desks expansion have been strong, with customers praising the move as a way to broaden their reach and expand their customer base. In addition, since announcing the €5 million funding, many businesses have taken to social media to express their excitement and anticipation of reaching more potential customers in new markets.

Reachdesk founder, Yaroslav Kosourov has said that the primary focus is targeting small-to-medium sized businesses that require help managing customer relationships. “Reachdesk is already helping businesses of all sizes to expand their reach and grow their customer base in new markets” he commented.

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It has been noted that companies already using Reachdesk enter markets faster by utilizing its workflow automation features, thereby freeing up resources that would otherwise be lost. This ability to quickly enter a new market has made Reachdesk popular among both growing and established brands looking for ways to increase sales in different geographies worldwide.

Positive reactions from investors

The recent news of London-based Reachdesk’s €5 million investment has caused a surge in investor confidence. This funding is expected to support the company’s expansion plans across the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The investors in the round included Notion Capital and Horizons Venture, with participation from Seedcamp, DN Capital, Sweet Capital, PROfounders and JamJar Investments.

Many investors are seeing the potential of Reachdesk and its mission to help businesses better engage with their customers. Investors felt that this investment would firmly establish Reachdesk as one of the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence-driven Customer Relationship Management companies. In addition, investors lauded the business model as highly efficient, cost effective and easily scalable across different markets.

Reachdesk is already helping businesses of all sizes to expand their reach and grow their customer base in new markets. With this new injection of capital from a strong team of investors expect Reachdesk to reach even more companies in the next few years.