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What is Low-Code Development? Should Your Business Care?

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Smart and savvy business owners are starting to hear a lot about low-code technologies – and for a good reason. These tools can totally transform the capabilities of your business and do it faster than you would have ever thought possible, too. Engineered to make coding as simple as dragging and dropping, these tools are somewhat new but getting better all the time. You need to know about them, you need to care about them, and you need to be looking for ways to use them in your business going forward.

Low-Code Dev 101

Low code dev tools basically promise to help you “drag and drop” your way to a totally custom app or piece of software – without ever having to do any serious coding yourself. Low-code platforms often include pre-built templates and components that can be easily customized and configured to create a wide range of applications, such as websites, mobile apps, and business processes.

They may also include features such as integration with other systems and tools and built-in collaboration and version control to help teams work together efficiently.

Why Should Businesses Care About These Tools?

Businesses need to get serious about using low-code dev tools. For one thing, these platforms allow you to rapidly prototype and roll out new apps and services – without spending a small fortune on developers. That’s reason enough to use them. Secondly, these tools are going to boost your ability to flip and pivot on a dime. You’ll be able to quickly introduce new projects, iterate and improve, and optimize your products all on the fly. That’s game-changing stuff. Finally, these tools let you bring everybody in the business on board during the development process. Imagine the kind of insight and leverage you’ll get building tools for your market by tapping into the expertise, insight, and viewpoint of people up and down your business – the kind of people that are often left out of these decision-making processes (to the detriment of a business, no less). That’s huge!

Can Anybody Really Leverage These Solutions?

Yes, literally anyone can use these tools to build new apps and software. Low code solutions have been specifically designed to be effortless to use by folks without a lot of technical know-how or savvy. Basically, if you can send an email or type in a word – and know how to drag a mouse – you’re going to know how to use low-code platforms. This isn’t just going to democratize your dev process.

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It’s also going to help you better split up your workflow, improve collaboration throughout the team, and really boost the chances of you building something really special. When all hands are on deck – and involved because they can be – it’s a game changer.

Closing Thoughts

When you get right down to it, you have to remember that we live in the middle of the most competitive business landscape that has ever existed. If you’re serious about success in business – especially online and in the digital space – you need to be using tools like these.