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Stock Trading: What it is and How it Works?

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Whether you’re completely new to trading or you’re looking for forex brokers that accept US residents, you’ve probably heard about stock trading. It’s a very common type of trade that prioritizes short-term profits. If you’re interested in it, perhaps you think it’s easy, especially if you’ve had positive experiences with other types of trading. However, not having enough knowledge can make it quite risky.

Considering a huge amount of Americans own stocks in retirement accounts or via mutual funds, you may think of getting into stock trading yourself. But what exactly is stock trading and how does it work? This article will reveal everything you need to know.

What is Stock Trading?

Stock trading refers to the purchase and sale of shares in a company in an attempt to earn money when the price changes. Those who trade stocks keep a close eye on the price changes of the stocks in the short term. Then, they try to buy stocks at a very low price and sell them at a higher one.

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This makes stock trading a more suitable option for those looking for a short-term approach, while traditional stock market investors are looking for long-term experiences.

The Different Types of Stock Trading

You’ll see that there are two main types of stock trading, respectively day trading and active trading.

  • Day Trading

With day trading, everything happens in a single day. More specifically, you buy a stock and then sell it on the same day. This is because investors want to make some quick money within hours or minutes, or even days depending on the price changes.

  • Active Trading

With active trading, a stock trader would make 1o or more trades on a monthly basis. They use strategies that depend on market timing. In order to make a short-term profit, they usually use short-term events as an opportunity.

How Does Stock Trading Work?

Purchasing shares of stock gives you ownership of a very small part of a public company. These stock shares can be traded on the stock exchange. A stock’s cost is affected by the company’s demand, supply, and financial performance in the market.

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When you eventually gain ownership of a piece of a company, you will become a shareholder, meaning that you will be able to receive benefits from the growth of the company, dividend payments, and possibly the ability to vote on important company decisions.

The price of the stock grows when a company has a good performance and high earnings. Therefore, shareholders who sell their shares can gain profit. Meanwhile, stock prices may decline in times when a company has bad earnings or when there are wider economic issues.

The Bottom Line

If you want to trade stocks, you need to find a good broker. This will take time, as there are many brokers with different offers on the market. Make sure you do not rush if you want your trading activity to be profitable and consider all features before you commit.